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cuz they're all over the place

I reckon we need a category for energy storage ideas, and/or one for energy/hydrogen ideas.

The H2 meme is hitting the big time, both in and out of the HB (and yes, it's my obsession du jour). And energy storage ideas in general belong together with the other energy categories, rather than off on their lonesome in Product: Batteries and scattered elsewhere.

I reckon.
-- BunsenHoneydew, Feb 28 2004

Other:Energy:Storage seems like a more suitable one to me.
-- ye_river_xiv, Jun 16 2008

There is no Other: Energy anymore, that stuff has long moved under Science:.

And, no, people tend to think of batteries as batteries, not as energy storage media. Meanwhile, the "H2 meme" has not hit "the big time" - it's there, that's nice, but there hasn't exactly been a flood of hydrogen fuel cell related ideas.
-- jutta, Jun 16 2008

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