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Everyone's the boss.

Most office hierarchies are so deep nobody actually knows who is calling the shots and who is doing the work. This leads to a profound sense of detachment, and an excess of coffee breaks.

In these cases, to satisfy everyone, a system could be put into place where the CEO directly answers to some production assistant hip with the latest millienial vibes. The chain of command thus can loop through all divisions and departments; splitting into parallel streams when needed (i.e. all salesmen answer to the marketing director, and head of IT answers to a quorum of salesmen)

To test the system; orders can be made to pass memos by the desks of your underlings and these will by nature circle through the entire company.

Nobody, will actually still know who is calling the shots. It could still remain a proactive runner making overly authoritative demands somewhere deep in the system. Perhaps this is impossible to improve. However everyone will have a say.
-- mylodon, Feb 21 2020

Great, an organogram modelled on the windoze 98 directory tree ...

Doomed to be so bad as to not even fail well.
-- 8th of 7, Feb 21 2020

Surely ouroborus management would involve the CEO eating the office cleaners?
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 21 2020

Like a weird, inverted version of the Clinton White House ...
-- 8th of 7, Feb 21 2020

Remember how the occupy movement had everyone parrot the words of whomever spoke, like some weird mindless swarm? You could do this with simple anonymous commands entered onto an anonymous account that everyone could log into.
-- RayfordSteele, Feb 22 2020

Sounds similar to "Twitch Plays Pokemon" in real life, where ~10,000 players simultaneously attempted to play a single-player Pokemon game by sending commands all at once over the Internet while watching the live-stream. The "Twitch Plays Pokemon" model applied to a business would be a bit different: it would require all managers to obey all commands from anyone below them in the company hierarchy. To reduce the chaos, there would also be a possibility for supermajority approval for a special "vote on every command" option.

Philosophically I like the idea of a never-ending election, but in practice I suspect the employees would vote to sell the entire company and split the value amongst themselves pretty much immediately, since the market value of a company is sometimes more than a year's total payroll cost for the company, and a year's salary would give plenty of time to find a new job.
-- sninctown, Feb 22 2020

Actually, since many senior managers in large organizations already spend all their time with their heads shoved up their own arses, this is probably Baked.
-- 8th of 7, Feb 22 2020

I would never let an ouroboros past the second round of interviews, so the problem of having to manage one would not arise.

"And what particular talents do you think you ... wait; would you mind taking that out of your mouth while I'm talking to you? It's just I'm finding it a little ..."
-- pertinax, Feb 22 2020

[Max] Office cleaners are normally contractors so would be excluded from the circle.

[8th] Or going on from what Max says; Many senior managers are eating production assistants so yes it is probably baked.
-- mylodon, Feb 22 2020

//it is probably baked//

Pretty sure it is. There was that one time that I had to fire my supervisor's manager, and had everybody looking over their shoulders so hard I told HR to refer the whole department to a chiropractor.

(I mean, come on - if you've just been hired to head the Credibility Department, and are claiming you've invented a simple plastic stick that improves the density of water by 20%, but don't know whether that's an increase or a decrease, it had better be a department where I'm not the Lackey Responsible for Noxious Trivia.)
-- lurch, Feb 23 2020

// improves the density of water by 20%, but don't know whether that's an increase or a decrease //

Ahh, a candidate for the VP of Marketing has arisen.
-- 8th of 7, Feb 24 2020

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