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Never spill a gordita in your (own) driver's lap again.

(I think this idea might be more fitting as a chindogu, but I leave it to the bakers)

I rather enjoy eating hand-held food in my car while I drive. What I'm envisioning is large sheets of plastic, say 3'w x 5'h with a hole for your head, vended off of an overhead roller immediately behind the driver's seat. Before you start eating, you reach up with one hand and grab the end of the next bib, pulling it down over your front and poking your head through the 10" hole (the hole starts at about 3/4 of the way up, but is oblong, open all the way to the top, perforated edge of the next bib), leaving the tail of it attached to the roller still. When you have finished eating, it is a simple, one-handed matter to ball up the bib and yank it off the roller behind you.

It's sort of like the rollers that supermarkets have with bags for produce, except bigger, a single layer, and with an oblong hole at the top of each one.
-- absterge, Mar 13 2001

heh. My car is a 1985 Nissan Sentra with a dust-gray interior that has been baked in Florida sun and rained in at least a dozen times, I have a night job as a pizza delivery driver, and the most recent little garlic-regurg (and subsequent hazardous chemical cleaning) escapade all add up to a scent that you shudder appropriately for.
-- absterge, Mar 13 2001

I can see problems with the perforated edge. If the perforations are too firm, you could have trouble getting out in the event of an accident. But if you make them too weak they may be removed in the event of sudden braking, rendering them pointless for practical purposes.
-- death's_roadie, Mar 04 2003

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