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Science: Health: Alcohol Abuse
Own Limit Warning   (+1)  [vote for, against]
Because I'm sure its not just me that needs one

After losing yet another evening's memory down to me getting excesively drunk I've decided to post an idea.

I need a device of some variety that will ensure that I never go over my own personal alcohol limit.

From what I understand the amount of alcohol you can safely consume is a fairly set limit, but may vary from person to person. I'm fairly sure that your ability to handle alcohol is mainly down to factors such as height, weight, body fat and just generally how well you are at that point in time.
The machine would allow you to enter your statistics that you already know, and using those come up with how many units of alcohol it would currently be safe for you to inbibe.
Obviously sticking to this guideline is your own choice, but if some way of monitoring your alcohol consumption during the evening could be included then an audible warning could be given if you are approaching your limit.
-- kaz, Apr 22 2003

This could at first help you identify your limit by blood alcohol content and then be used to tell you when you're approaching it.
[half, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Cheap Breathalizer http://www.drugstor...trx=BUY-PLST-0-SRCH
I have one. Fortunatly, all it has done is encourage people to compete as to who can get the highest rating. pretty easy to max it out though. [johnmeacham]

How about the..... http://www.halfbake...a/Nasal_20Alcometer
Nasal Alcometer [johnmeacham, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

How about the..... http://www.halfbake...a/Nasal_20Alcometer
Nasal Alcometer [Micky Dread, Oct 04 2004]

A device that tells you when you've reached your limit with an audible warning? It's called a wife.

But maybe you could get a dog trained to sniff you and when you smell sufficiently of beer, the dog will bark.
-- k_sra, Apr 22 2003

I have no intention of getting married just yet, and as for the beer thing, <shudders>urgh beer.</shudders>
-- kaz, Apr 22 2003

The closer one gets to their limit, the more likely they are to ignore anyone or anything that points out that limit.
-- half, Apr 22 2003

Combine with an implant in your body that diverts all future alcoholic liquids away from your stomach, instead rerouting it to a holding chamber which slowly releases it into the stomach at a rate which maintains the exact degree of drunkenness.
-- phundug, Apr 22 2003

I was having a similar conversation with my girly the other night but with reference to chocolate rather than alcohol. Why is it that the only way to find out what your chocolate limit is, is to keep eating it until you suddenly feel unwell? Surely it's not beyond the capabilities of science to develop some sort of skin patch that changes colour when you're nearing your intake limit for yummy, scrummy foodstuffs?
-- DrBob, Apr 22 2003

You can give all the warnings you want to a man, but it is not very often that he heeds them. Safeguards are built into every facet of life, but man ignores them as if he were indestructible.

The best way to avoid disaster is to not even approach the WARNING stage; and to stay instead in the prevention and non-indulgence stage. [ - ]
-- joker_of_the_deck, Apr 22 2003

// Or simply vents it into the crotch of their garments //

UnaBubba, please market this directly to Abercrombie & Fitch. A world of Universities will thank you.
-- k_sra, Apr 22 2003

I agree with [bliss] that the actual amount needed to become noticeably intoxicated seems to vary dramatically. Curious.
-- bristolz, Apr 22 2003

A nagging spouse is the earliest known detection system
-- FloridaManatee, Apr 22 2003

The way your brain reacts to alcohol is unfortunatly not very constant. A better method I have found is to know when you are going to be a happy fun drunk and then it doesn't matter how much you have. Drink 2 drinks. quick! are you smiling! if so, keep drinking all night. You can do no wrong. if not, go home or listen to the band and chat with strangers.

Another theory is that there is no such thing as alcohol induced memory loss. People just generally don't remember things. It is only when we drink however that we do things worthy of remembering and hence miss them.
-- johnmeacham, Apr 22 2003

// When you stand up and take some time to balance// That very thing happened to me this morning when I got out of bed and hasn't completely subsided yet. When I first stood up this morning, I thought "This must be sort of what it feels like to be drunk. How stupid would I have to get before inflicting this upon myself would seem like a good idea?".
-- half, Apr 22 2003

Too many unknown variables (-). Sorry kaz.
-- Shz, Apr 22 2003

I find that although I sometimes try and reach that, I'm pissed but not totally bolloxed stage, and try to "ease off". I find that once I've reached the "I'm getting a bit pissed stage" I don't really care anymore. I've even got one of those "I've fallen and can't reach my beer" t-shirts...
-- Micky Dread, Apr 22 2003

<Climbs up on soapbox, surveys crowd> Ahem, well, hello. Uhh, I just thought I'd say, ummm, y'know, from a non-drinker's perspective, uhh, ahem, nothing. Bye! <sheepishly climbs off soapbox, gets back in bed, pulls covers over head remembering quotation "It is better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt">
-- Canuck, Apr 23 2003

I just love the Canadians! They're so friendly.
-- k_sra, Apr 23 2003

Yeah! I know a Canadian, he's kind of a cool dude, but talks funny, I suppose thats how they talk in Canadia..
-- Micky Dread, Apr 24 2003

Save your elf a fortune and hit your elf in the head with a full (sealed) beer can.
-- thumbwax, Apr 24 2003

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