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A surge suppressor built into a PC power supply unit that senses voltage overload and ejects the PSU from the case, preferably with a shower of sparks. Also, a spring release mechanism that blows the side door of the PC case at every BSOD (GSOD on Macs) while simultaneously emitting a small cloud of smoke tinted with the odor of fried circuitry.

['BSOD' is the all too familiar Microsoft Blue Screen of Death. 'GSOD' is the somewhat less frequently seen (possibly becasue there are fewer Macs?) Apple equivalent in Grey.]
-- nuclear hobo, May 07 2007

(?) BSOD
[nuclear hobo, May 07 2007]

PC Toster http://www.theinqui....aspx?article=25321
Perhaps you could implement this idea in the machine linked. [zen_tom, May 07 2007]

Misdirection Adapter Card Misdirection_20Adapter_20Card
A related invention, designed to be intentionally invoked. [krelnik, May 08 2007]

Re-installing Windows http://www.langston...e/1997/1997AUL.html
[Abs], you can take off the US Biker-cop uniform now - Hang on, that doesn't sound right [Dub, May 09 2007]

In case this is important, can you explain what a BSOD or GSOD is?
-- MaxwellBuchanan, May 07 2007

<to the tune of Village People's "YMCA"> Blue Screen Of Death </tttovpymca>
-- AbsintheWithoutLeave, May 07 2007

BSOD / GSOD description added to the idea for the currently unsinkable.
-- nuclear hobo, May 07 2007

Ah - thanks [unclear].

<smug Mac-user voice> I don't think Macs have the GSOD feature any more - the entire "Freeze" function seems to be missing with OS-X.</sMuv)
-- MaxwellBuchanan, May 07 2007

<2nd smug Mac-user voice> Yes, that paticular problem has not arisen for me either, even though I can remember shutting my machine down properly about three times in the last year and a half. </2sMuv)
-- nomocrow, May 08 2007

//Ah - thanks [unclear].//

Sorry, but that's 'nuclear'.
-- nuclear hobo, May 08 2007

//Sorry, but that's 'nuclear'// You're quite right - my apologies. I sometimes come over all anagrammatical.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, May 08 2007

I now have an overwhelmiing urge to post a music-based idea involving a nuclear oboe.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, May 08 2007

"Oboe" is a series of sub-critical explosive nuclear tests carried out by the DoE at the Nevada Test Site. Some argue that these tests are a violation of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.
-- nuclear hobo, May 08 2007

And somebody ought to tell the London Symphony Orchestra. They're playing with fire.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, May 08 2007

nuclear hobo actually becomes Uncle Boar Ho. Anagrammatically that is.
-- bungston, May 09 2007

or <wistfully> bachelor uno.
-- nuclear hobo, May 09 2007

// I run a headless linux machine, so there's no screen // ... so, um, [Ian], how do you know what's going on here? Is that a USB port behind your left ear? Did you get your initials from *being* the server? Do you lock up sometimes?
-- lurch, May 09 2007

It would be nice if it made a sort of 'BOINGG' noise, too, and something came out on a spring
-- Mister Sketchly, May 09 2007

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