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PDA Thumb Loops   (+4)  [vote for, against]
So you can type with 8 fingers

This idea is specifically aimed at the Nokia Communicator and other very-small-laptop layout devices.

On the underside of the device, you attach self adhesive strips with velcro fasteners which form an adjustable loop for your thumbs. This then allows you to type in a similar manner to a normal laptop, with only a minor adjustment required for use of the spacebar.

The loops can also be used slightly less satisfactorally with portrait layout devices by orienting them in a burger-eating layout.

By using just one loop, you can type with 4 fingers of one hand while using the stylus or flicking through papers.

<aside>I considered calling them 'Rethumbdency Loops'</aside>
-- marklar, Jul 04 2007

Oh how nice. A simple, useful, bakeable, non-joke idea.
-- wagster, Jul 04 2007

Ideal for quick typing - but will probably give you RSI after a while! BUN!
-- S-note, Jul 04 2007

I liked "burger-eating layout". I've seen mobile phones described as a 'clamshell' design or using a 'candybar' form-factor - I expect "burger-eating layout" to become an industry-adopted term for certain types of mobile device.
-- hippo, Jul 04 2007

Or simply the McLayout
-- marklar, Jul 05 2007

What they said [+]
-- zen_tom, Jul 05 2007

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