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Rudimentary video game selection on your TV.

This will mostly be used during commercial breaks. Sit back and enjoy a few minutes of solitare or pinball, trivia, perhaps even online gaming in good time, while you wait for the commercial breaks to end. Or while your friend is taking a bathroom break and your left there watching a paused TV screen.
-- daseva, Jun 21 2004

I know the current generation has the attention span of a hummingbird on speed, but surely the average commercial break is still rather too short for a satisfying game of Doom?
-- DrCurry, Jun 21 2004

Don't say you wouldn't be tempted, Doctor.
-- daseva, Jun 21 2004

If the games could interact with the commercials -- e.g. try to shoot the tires of the Honda Civic or shoot other things on the screen for points -- then I think advertisers would approve of it too!
-- phundug, Jun 21 2004

Some UK digital television services offer such games. Well, I think they do but whenever I try to access them, my cable box falls over and I shave to spend roughly fifteen minutes shoogling wires about and swearing.
-- calum, Jun 21 2004

MTV used to let you play pong during the ad breaks (Sky Digital).
-- MikeOliver, Jun 22 2004

I thought that the purpose of commercial breaks was to provide time for you to visit the bathroom and refill your glass / cup / snack bowl.
-- angel, Jun 22 2004

before the next baking takes place in my area i think i would like to visit this Europe thing and see what they have 'cause they seem to have everything. or at lest everything we U.S. people dont have. or are we just to stupid to get it.

i think this idea is baked, 'cause...i have three game systems hooked up to my TV so i could just flip back and forth?
-- toomer34, Jun 25 2005

[calum], "shoogling"? What a fantastic word. I think my aim for the weekend is to shoehorn it into normal conversation.

That aside, I'm quite intrigued. Every time you try to play a game, your cable box falls over and you shave?
-- david_scothern, Jun 25 2005

//i think i would like to visit this Europe thing and see what they have 'cause they seem to have everything// Yep.
-- Basepair, Jun 25 2005

Pretty much baked. There are channels on my service that are dedicated to games with the remote. So, just switch to those ones : ). [-]
-- Night, Jun 26 2005

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