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Habits last a lifetime

Put together the two plastic things that people suck in their mouths, and voila. Don't get me wrong: I'm not trying to miseducate babies, but rather hoping to bring out the inner child in kinky ladies.
-- net_addict, Feb 18 2002

(???) Hoser http://www.sextoysd...os/Erotic_Dildo.htm
Go down to the 6th illustration [thumbwax, Feb 18 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

-- Helium, Feb 18 2002

Q: Why do dogs lick their balls?
A: Because they can.
-- angel, Feb 18 2002

[thumbwax]: I assume that by "go down" you mean "scroll down"?
-- angel, Feb 18 2002

er, that 6th illustration... is there any need for that, how shall I put this, 'extent'? I don't want to start an argument here but isn't about (??) 4" of that entirely superfluous?
-- sappho, Feb 18 2002

This made me think of some sort of sexual tazer. Which then made me smile and wince (empathetically) at the same time.
-- mcscotland, Feb 18 2002

girls only suck on dildos in porn movie, not in real life. and if they do, you wont need this "miseducation" to go down on you =)
-- i-Mer, Feb 19 2002

You blew it...I was waiting to see how long it'd take him to figure that out himself...
-- StarChaser, Feb 19 2002

Odd, "pacifier" doesn't have the same meaning here in the UK. I visualised this as a heroic comic-book dildo, bringing peace to the world's troubled areas, fighting evil, etc.
-- hippo, Feb 19 2002

heh...i don't belive in war, i'm a pacifier!
-- mihali, Feb 19 2002

Revived! Who is Colleen? Anyway, why do females want to suck dicks anyway? A dildo pacifier is weird, try a dildo tampon.
-- ChernoLeviathan, May 14 2003

I leave you people alone for two weeks and this is what happens. Dildos everywhere. Go to your room.
-- sambwiches, May 14 2003

I was wondering when you were going to show up and restore order to this place. You've got a lot of work to do, [samb], and you're way behind!
-- snarfyguy, May 15 2003

Hah! Just got an e-mail from Jutta telling me I'd inserted a superfluous apostrophe in 'dildos'. That's why I love this place. You're all completely insane. Yay for the crazies.
-- sambwiches, May 15 2003

Yay! (for the crazies - bone for the idea)
-- Worldgineer, May 15 2003

... who begat net_addict. And net_addict begat Simon, and Steve, and Brian, and David, and Cecil, ...
-- 4whom, Nov 27 2007

Practice makes perfect, but there should be a suggested age limit on this type of thing.... namely, 18!
-- quantum_flux, Nov 27 2007

Or 21. This is in my favourites for some reason. Besides, This is probably baked, thanks to the thousands of AB/DL's (don't ask how I remember that.) Of course, a strap-on works too. Or a gag...I've said too much.
-- Shadow Phoenix, Nov 27 2007

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