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Paintball Tracers with LEDs   (+3, -1)  [vote for, against]
Like flying traffic lights. With hurty-ness

Paintball-sized foam balls, the same mass as standard garden-variety welt-making devices. Contains 6 orthogonally-oriented leds powered by a small battery.

Mix them into your hoppers, but not until you pull the plastic interruptor out of each one you intend to use - thereby allowing the circuit to be completed and powering up the lights.

Not recommended for nighttime use if you have a clear paintball hopper - your gun will light up like a christmas tree. A christmas tree that wants to be shot.

(Edited to refine circuit breaker tech)
-- shapu, Nov 18 2007

The Inspiration Paintball_20Tracer_20Bullets
This idea by [rascalraidex] is probably cheaper. [shapu, Nov 18 2007]

Baked for a different sport ...
Reuseable, activated by impact. [batou, Nov 19 2007]

I thought about LED's, but I have an affinity to glowsticks from raves in my past.
-- rascalraidex, Nov 18 2007

Six of one...
-- shapu, Nov 18 2007

Glow sticks are the way and then your enemy will be easier to hit again, but do people really play this in the dark?
-- MisterQED, Nov 19 2007

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