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Painted Packaging Labels   (0)  [vote for, against]
Paint White and Print on It

I am not sure if this is baked. I tried googling it but could not find a match. Here is the idea. For Shipping labels, everybody uses labels currently. My Idea is to make a labeling machine that will have quick-drying paint or coating material that will be painted on the box surface covering the area required for shipping label. Then just place a handheld printing head over it to print the addresses and bar codes. This will save the paper cost for all those labels. No issues of labels pealing off the box surface. This paint can be made weather proof. (Paper sometimes needs a plastic cover) Easier to automate the labeling process.
-- concept, May 05 2005

Print Dreams
Interesting Printer Technology [concept, May 05 2005]

White paint is to make the barcode more readable for the different scanners
-- concept, May 05 2005

"Is there some problem with using a waterproof marker pen?"

Not unless you find it difficult to draw a barcode.
-- bristolz, May 05 2005

I'm pretty sure I've seen barcodes printed straight onto cardboard boxes.
-- david_scothern, May 05 2005

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