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Free your toes!

I propose a line of pantyhose that incorporate individual toes into the design such that the hose will fit like a glove for the feet.
-- jhomrighaus, Dec 27 2007

Open-toe tights http://www.mytights.../mytights/2310.html
Not quite the same, but approaching the idea from a different angle. [zen_tom, Dec 30 2007]

(?) http://www.sockdrea...t_CategoryID_91.php
For all your sock-related needs. [zen_tom, Dec 30 2007]

Pantyhose with an articulated big toe. (So you can wear sandals with a strap between big and index toe.) [jutta, Mar 24 2008]

Toeless Tights http://www.xl-image...-Toeless-Tights.jpg
They have something like this already. Not covered toes, but then again the idea is to make is look like you haven't got any tights on (for the sneaky tanning effect!). These ones are just toe loops but still similar. [uktights, Jan 02 2014]

My friend has socks like this. They are cute.
-- phundug, Dec 27 2007

I am almost certain these exist.
-- nineteenthly, Dec 27 2007

I am almost certain that they would rub against each other, when running down the street from a horribly ugly monster...nevermind.

But yeah, I think they would rub and cause sores.
-- blissmiss, Dec 27 2007

sorry jhom, but I cannot think of any garment more horrid.
-- po, Dec 27 2007

Doesn't happen with gloves (rubbing, we mean), so why would it hapen with socks, which are "mittens for the feet", as long as the shoes were of a sensible design ........ ahhhhhh.........
-- 8th of 7, Dec 27 2007

Gloves are not worn under something else and fingers and thumbs tend to be used separately. Tights are worn inside shoes with the toes crammed together. They might be OK if worn indoors.

On the other hand, they could be worn with shoes with separate toes.
-- nineteenthly, Dec 27 2007

// shoes with the toes crammed together //

We rest our case.

// shoes with separate toes //

Hmmmmm ...
-- 8th of 7, Dec 27 2007

Better would be to split the foot into big and little toes. This would facilitate the panty-hose flipflops combination. I know japanese socks exist like this, but they are probably too frumpy to wear with high end flipflops.
-- bungston, Dec 27 2007

// split the foot into big and little toes //

Would this be done under anaesthetic ? It sounds painful.
-- 8th of 7, Dec 27 2007

I wouldn't want to do anything to encourage people to wear flip-flops with tights. It sounds horribly close to sandals with socks.
-- nineteenthly, Dec 29 2007

I always wear socks with sandals.
-- xenzag, Dec 30 2007

[xenzag], yes, but please try to remember, it's socks FIRST, THEN shoes........
-- 8th of 7, Dec 30 2007

I'm not sure how to feel about this. On one hand, they sound like they'd be super comfortable, but on the other hand they'd probably rub together and cause all sorts of nasty little wounds. I think the reason toe socks work so well is that they're probably meant to be worn around the house, without shoes. Pantyhose, on the other hand, meant for formal occasions and uncomfortable Maybe if you made tights with toes for the purpose of relaxing and being comfortable?
-- Doublexwhy, Mar 24 2008

// [xenzag], yes, but please try to remember, it's socks FIRST, THEN shoes

Damn, now you tell me.
-- not_morrison_rm, Jan 02 2014

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