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Fill in online forms with paper and pencil

This app sits on top of whatever computery task you are wanting to do on your computer.

Whenever you have a computery task that requires data entry of any kind, instead of interacting with the glowing screen by moving a pointer, clicking and typing, just press the big green button mounted in the middle of your computer.

The app parses the data-entry form, makes a screen-shot (including of hidden objects that need scrolled down to), and prints it out on however many pages are required, and shoots it out onto the table in front of you.

You take your pen, and you read the labels or questions, and you enter the data, names, numbers, tick-boxes, etc as usual for a paper form.

Then you take the pile of completed form sheets and stack them on your scanner sheet-feeder. The scanner pulls them in and scans each one, and uses OCR in combination with the stored parsed original form, to work out what your scrawls mean. The app then enters the relevant information into the relevant fields and submits the form.

(inspired by an aquaintence talking about eyestrain from taking personell and equipment register on screen, answering messages on screen, entering schedules on screen)
-- pocmloc, Mar 06 2020

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