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"Look! They're finally going to- oh, nevermind."

Watch a couple, destined to fall in love, as they go about they're everyday lives on split screens from 8 am to 10 pm. Hosted by Cupid himself, you see him try to match the two together.

Sort of like "The Truman Show", hidden cameras watch their everyday lives. Stationary cameras are positioned where the subject usually resides, and undercover film crews hide cameras and microphones in bookbags, cell phones, and purses whenever the subjects stray. Somehow, the two just 'happen' to run into each other often. One decides to eat lunch at a fancy restaurant a couple of days in advance, so the producer sets up her table next to his. He got a table because a friend was prompted to invite him. Too bad the friend never showed. *hee hee hee*

The subjects have already unknowingly consented to being filmed by previously signing a contract for the studio. After the studio accepted them, they sent back letters saying that they did not need their services, much like in the movie, "The Game". In the end, everyone is happy: the couple are happily married, the viewers feel all gushy, and the producing company is rolling in cash made from advertising revenue (products which surprisingly also 'happened' to be given to the subjects).

The drama! The suspense! When are they finally going to realise that they are destined for each other? Oh, look! They are sitting right across from each other! Did you see the way they looked at each other? Oh my goodness! He's walking towards her! No, wait, he's just going to the bathroom...
-- ghillie, May 26 2004

I'm with you up until the last paragraph, I thought they already got married, lived happily ever after, then the drama picks up and he turns out to be ..... gay?

I'm teasing you Ghil, I think you made a typo. I hope.
-- dentworth, May 26 2004

Yeah, it was a typo. Thanks.
-- ghillie, May 26 2004

You know you're close when the producers show up smoking cigars.
-- k_sra, May 26 2004

"And whats THIS? OOh, the suprise girlfriend out of left field! Better luck next time, Sally! - heh heh heh."

Chuck, bring on the next contestant!
-- Letsbuildafort, May 26 2004

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