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Party Ruiner   (+7)  [vote for, against]
Mess up the DJ - mess up the party

This device is a cube shaped punchy self powered woofer and subwoofer with a mic, BPM counter, and a tempo adjuster. It has an 'off/on' remote as to control it.

When a party in ear shot has gone on too long and you have to work the next day, post up as a party person and place this device near the monitors.

When activated, the BPM sensor finds the tempo, and fires off copies of the bass kicks early.

The DJ will assume a skip or error, and the crowd will lose the moment. The DJ will try to adjust from his 'boom chick boom chick' and chase the 'b-boom chick b-boom chick' he now hears.

Unable to get his flow back and losing the crowd, the party will lose energy and start to quickly wind down, enabling you to sleep and go to your job the next morning bright eyed and bushy tailed.
-- Giblet, Nov 12 2015

You've been listening to the dark side again Luke. If you don't like our party, please take your bots and go home. Don't ruin the party for the other creatures.

Sounds like the kinda thing a young Steve Jobs...
-- popbottle, Nov 12 2015

[+] though I'd much prefer explosives.
-- FlyingToaster, Nov 12 2015

Just send me, works everything.
-- not_morrison_rm, Nov 13 2015

I really thought this was something about [Travbm]. Or wait, is it?
-- evilpenguin, Nov 13 2015

Or you could just bring me along I'm Caucasian and nerdy.
-- travbm, Nov 13 2015

I'm for anything that makes egotistical guys mooning over expensive DVD players look more ridiculous.
-- 4and20, Nov 13 2015

// The DJ will try to adjust //...the volume up, don't expect anything else.
-- piluso, Nov 13 2015

I knew someone who went several doors down the block to ask if the party could please reduce the volume a bit. They rudely told him to get lost.

He went home, got an old padlock, and when back to the house where the party was at.

He went around the side, flipped the lever on the circuit breaker box controlling the house electricity, and locked the handle open.

He then went home and went to bed.
-- normzone, Nov 13 2015

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