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Munch on your cute little cup when you're done

Surely someone out there has tried and hopefully succeeded with this already, and I really would like one right now. No idea what ingredients would be required to make the cupastry last for the minutes it takes me to drink the espresso without getting soggy and falling apart, but I'm thinking something moderately stiff and baked with a hard candy sugar glaze coating on the inside surface and maybe to reinforce its cute little handle.

edit: aha, "Demitasse" is the word I'm looking for to translate for "cute little cup" out of gomerian into english.
-- gomer, Sep 09 2008

Gene Wilder as WIlly Wonka... http://i131.photobu...omhisedibleteac.jpg
...taking a sip, then a bite. [phoenix, Sep 09 2008]

maybe a waffle-cone cup coated inside?
[xandram, Sep 11 2008]

Pastry is different from bread because it's 'short' - it hasn't had the kneading action which bread dough gets which develops the gluten and gives it the toughness and elasticity to allow the yeast to form bubbles. If you wanted to make a strong, tough pastry for an espresso cup it would basically be an unleavened bread and nearly inedible. I think an alternative approach to the structurally demanding bits of the cup is needed, such as using a strip of crystallised fruit for the handle. A hard candy glaze for the interior is a good idea - I'd also suggest using egg white which bakes to a clear, smooth water-resistant finish and is stronger than caramel.
-- hippo, Sep 09 2008

A la Willy Wonka?
-- phoenix, Sep 09 2008

You don't need a handle if the walls insulate your fingers from your fresh expression. And imagine the smell...

[+] because they are environmentally friendly.
-- VaquitaTim, Sep 10 2008

I just had a delicious espresso followed by a custard tart made from puff pastry. If the tart had slightly higher walls I'm sure it could hold an espresso, and the custard would stop the pastry from getting soggy. Delicious!
-- FishFinger, Sep 11 2008

New Idea (for UnaBubba): Espresso flavored pastry bra cup.
-- gomer, Sep 16 2008

Gene Wilder's buttercup cup was made of wax; he had to keep chewing untill 'cut', then spit it out. I'm tempted to try baking this. A hardtack recipe might be a good starting point, with extra fat. I made hardtack for a pirate party recently and found it surprisingly more-ish. Unfortunately, I didn't sail into the wind off the Iberian peninsula, which would have been a hard tack which was surprisingly moorish.
-- spidermother, Sep 18 2008

The cup can be made out of pretty much any sort of pastry; the key is the lining, which must be resistant to hot liquids.

Yorkshire puddings will retain gravy for quite a while, possibly due to the formation of the crispy outer shell.
-- 8th of 7, Sep 18 2008

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