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Vehicle: Bicycle: Anti-theft
Pay Lock for Bicycles   (+4)  [vote for, against]
So you don't have to bring a lock.

This idea is inspired by those lockers that you put money into and it gives you the key.

If you are going to cycle to work, the store, school, or anywhere, you have to lock your bike up. However, most locks are heavy and take up a lot of space in a bag. The Pay Lock would be a bicycle rack with a slot next to each place to put a bike. You put money in, which unlocks a key that you can pull out and keep until you need your bike back. The rack would have a chain or other locking device attached to it, and to remove the bicycle, you simply put the key in and turn, and it will release the chain. The rack would still be compatible with a regular lock, for people who have their own and carry it with them.

So, this is what you would do:
1. Put your bicycle in and put coins in the slot.
2. Lock your bike up with the chain, which is attached to the rack at one end, and plug the other end of the chain into the other side of the rack, through your frame.
3. Take the key out of the slot and keep it.
4. To remove the bike, use the key to unlock the chain. Take the bicycle out.

I believe that if the company that made these used good locks, it would offer good security and convenience for a low price. Installation could be backed by certain foundations for the environment.
-- -----, Apr 07 2005

There are lockers you can put your bike into in Southern California. They are provided by the state at carpool meeting locations.
-- normzone, Apr 07 2005

you get your money back, like supermarket trolleys? +1
-- po, Apr 07 2005

No, this is how the company makes a profit. Maybe you could get a part of it back when you return the key.
-- -----, Apr 07 2005

buggar, taking my bike elsewhere
-- po, Apr 07 2005

Well, how could the company stay in business if you didn't pay?
-- -----, Apr 07 2005

Instead of a coinslot, use a credit card as payment and key. Swipe when you lock to pay, swipe again to unlock. This way, they could charge a fee per hour, instead of a flat rate. For those who don't want to use their credit cards, a one-use paper card could be issued. This card would be dispensed for free at lock-up time from a vending machine, but would not unlock the rack untill the fee is paid later.
1: get card
2: swipe card in rack
3: lock up bike
4: go shopping, to class, whatever
5: return to rack
6: swipe card in dispenser
7: pay fee
8: swipe card in rack to unlock
9: retrieve bike
10: deposit card in recycle bin

But don't lose the card.
-- Freefall, Apr 07 2005

[freefall] I like this variation. Maybe even better than my own idea. It would be more secure, but probably more expensive.
-- -----, Apr 07 2005

For many reasons, you're going to have to carry your own lock anyway. We have bike lockers at work, but I don't use them for these reasons:

You're not going to risk a 1 hour trip back home (sweat, late) if all the locks are taken at your destination. And, if you want to do errands on the way home, not every store & destination will have these.

[----] you seem to have a lot of decent bike ideas. If you're interested in keeping the sun out of your eyes, check out my kind of geeky "supervisor" idea, which I actually use.
-- sophocles, Apr 07 2005

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