Product: Lighter
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Put a dime in the lighter or else you cant use it.

A lighter that has a coin tube on the side that has a slot for a dime. Upon inserting a dime the gas button is unlocked allowing use of the lighter. At the bottom a key unlocks the coin tube allowing removal of the dimes as well as the owners free use of the lighter. Good for friends who borrow lighters all the time and you make some money! .....It would be sold primarily as a novelty item for lighter buffs.
-- obesemind, Aug 05 2005

will it take a penny?

would cant like this?
-- po, Aug 05 2005

So, this is like a vending machine sorta thing or are you just tired of people asking for a light?
-- half, Aug 05 2005

This is surely in the running for "Most Miserly Invention of the Year" award.
-- calum, Aug 05 2005

Putting money in the lighters of smokers? I wonder where that would end up. For shame [obesemind].
-- hidden truths, Aug 06 2005

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