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Avoid manual handling injuries

My stand-up partial vacuum cleaner ('Dyson') is superb for cleaning dust and small bits of lint, it only takes a few seconds to do the entire room.

then I have to spend a longer time chasing lumps of cheese, dried sweetcorn, nail clippings, gravel, transistors, spherical bogies, leaves especially on hard surfaces. The clearance of the brush head is just too low for these things to go under it.

So I have to either wrench the vacuum off the floor and try to drop it on top of the offending object, or with slightly less effort twist the whole thing over on its side, a procedure which once led to me eventually snapping off the handle.

So what i want is a solenoid to lift it about 20mm from the floor. The pivot is there already so it could almost be done as a retro-fit. Then there would be a trigger on the handle, this lifts up the brush and I can drop it down plumb square on top of that wretched apple pip!
-- bhumphrys, Apr 12 2008

Henry http://www.parish-s.../images/1389200.jpg
don't be fooled by cuteness - this is a superbly tough, and very well designed machine. [xenzag, Apr 12 2008]

don't they have a height adjuster for different surfaces? how strange.
-- po, Apr 12 2008

[+] for "partial vacuum cleaner" (especially if you fix the typo).
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 12 2008

(+) for anything that fixes those cringe making crap Dysons... Every time I go to the local recycling depot, the skips are full of them. Each time I look at them, with all those bits of ridiculous brightly coloured plastic knobs, and protrusions, I feel compelled to rush home and hug my wonderful, ultra simple Henry Vacuum. It's so great, that I've even considered marriage. (vacuous rant)
-- xenzag, Apr 12 2008

There is a simpler solution. The cleaner does not require a vacuum (or even a partial vacuum) - it only requires that the pressure in the cleaner is lower than that in the room, to create the necessary air movement.

Therefore, I propose a whole-house hyperbaric cleaning system. Basically, you need well-fitting (and reasonably strong) doors and windows, and a large pump located somewhere in the house which pumps outside air in, to an overpressure of a few psi. Then, each room needs a port - a vent to the outside world - to which you plug the cleaning hose. These ports would have a sprung flap to keep them sealed when not in use.

Ipso presto! Passers by will be amazed by the horizontal fountain of dust, peas and lego pieces emerging from each port in turn as you clean the respective room.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 12 2008

That's how we clean out our Cube ..... all the bits get flusshed into space. We claim Prior Art.
-- 8th of 7, Apr 13 2008

The problem with those spherical bogies is that the brush hurls them away to different areas.
-- bungston, Apr 14 2008

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