Product: Office Appliance
Pedaling Fanmill   (+9)  [vote for, against]

A pedal powered wooden windmill that sits upon your desk.

When you need some breeze whilst sitting at your workstation(or whatever you choose to call it)Drop down the pedal and a crank system under the desktop which in turn is connected to the wooden windmill up top.

Pedal, and let the slats rotate sweepingly providing a gentle breeze.

At certain times a miniature detailed 'Windy Miller' pops out of the windmills door to remind you it's time for a brew.
-- skinflaps, Feb 17 2005

Windy Miller
[skinflaps, Sep 21 2007]

Good for dissipating the odor of yesterday’s cabbage and beans.
-- FarmerJohn, Feb 17 2005

Very nice. A gentle workout for flabby office muscles, too.
-- squeak, Feb 17 2005

Yes, it does have that added benefit.
-- skinflaps, Feb 18 2005

and when people are too busy working to pdeal it could have ahandy electric motor running off wall current and...oh wait...
-- Sabriand, Feb 18 2005

-- wagster, Feb 18 2005

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