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Pedestrian Crossing Finger Trap   (+3, -5)  [vote for, against]
A pedestrian crossing that traps your finger

The hit-and-run activation of pedestrian crossings has become a national problem. No one likes having to wait for the green light for no good reason.

One press of the button on my new Pedestrian Crossing Finger Trap and you become mortally obliged to wait at the crossing. The red man keeps you prisoner as you wait for the green man to release you from the machine. If you run away at the first sign of the green man’s mercy, motorists are on their honour to leave their cars and chase you down the street.
-- spiritualized, May 03 2005

For exercise in New York futility, push button http://www.citystre.../nytimes022703.html
those things don't work anyway [Random832, May 04 2005]

I use my umbrella to pres the button.
-- DrCurry, May 03 2005

I'd love to believe that there is a secret combination of pushes at a certain rhythm & known only to a select few, that would actually get these things to work. perhaps they change the code every so often to keep most of us in ignorance.
-- po, May 04 2005

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