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The perfect apple peeler

Add lemon juice to peeled and/or chopped apples and it stops them going brown.

The "peelem" apple peeler is just the job. It has a squeezable plastic handle which can be refilled with lemonjuice. Squeeze the handle gently to dispense lemon juice onto the apple as you peel.

Squeeze and Peel for perfect apples everytime.
-- jonthegeologist, Nov 20 2003

The Peelem Apple Peeler http://www.hazelmot...lfbakery/peelem.htm
[jonthegeologist, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

The only "perfect apple" is a bar of chocolate. Lemon juice is just adding fruity injury to the healthy insult. Don't you normally eat the peel anyway?
-- dobtabulous, Nov 20 2003

[dobtabulous] ... you'd peel an apple when making a pie, for example.
-- jonthegeologist, Nov 20 2003

Lemon pie, that is.
-- k_sra, Nov 20 2003

very apeeling.
-- neilp, Nov 20 2003

// you'd peel an apple when making a pie, for example. //

[jtg] I most certainly would not! I would put the apples in the bin and make a chocolate pie instead.

I do actually take your point though - I was wrong to criticise the need for peeling per se. My only defence is that the mere mention of apples makes me want to puke.
-- dobtabulous, Nov 20 2003

What would you put in the lemon juice like cartridge when you peeled other fruits and veggies, like potatoes? or umm..papayas.
-- lizziepunkin, Nov 20 2003


For potatoes - water cartridge
For papayas - orange juice
For pineapple - mint sugar solution

-- jonthegeologist, Nov 20 2003

when in doubt - gin
-- po, Nov 20 2003

a girl after my own heart [po]. perfect for peeling limes?
-- jonthegeologist, Nov 20 2003

That's a good maxim for life, [po], not just for peeling.
-- hazel, Nov 20 2003

If you're making apple pie, don't you need to cut the apples after you peel them? Can we get a knife that dispenses lemon juice as well?
-- scad mientist, Nov 20 2003

//when in doubt - gin//

You're obsessed
-- yamahito, Nov 20 2003

jonthegeologist: are you a jon or a hazel? Or haven't I been paying attention again?
-- DrCurry, Nov 20 2003

ah, [DrCurry] ... let me clarify. [jtg] is me Jon, [hazel] is hazel.

[hazel] is my good lady, so I'm borrowing her webspace to publish nonsense pictures
-- jonthegeologist, Nov 21 2003

yama, come here and say that - bring the bottle with you..
-- po, Nov 21 2003

[Unabubba] Chocolate is good in moderation whereas apples always taste horrible - and worse in pies etc where their flavour is magnified.

The lumpy greeny yellow content of an apple-pie is surely a match for your pooh-analogy?
-- dobtabulous, Nov 21 2003

//Apples must surely be the fruit of choice in heaven//
No, you're thinking of Liberace.
-- calum, Nov 21 2003

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