Product: Pen
Pen of Infinite Woe   (+8)  [vote for, against]
Connect a ballpoint pen to your abundant supply of haemoglobink via a chain of mutilated leeches

Your pitiful Earthly vessel is but the inkwell of Satan. Scribble away, wretch. Scribble away thy eternal doom.

Ahem, what's that? No, nothing. Just sign at the bottom please.
-- theleopard, Dec 15 2011

Used by Existential_20Contract_20Lawyers
[theleopard, Dec 15 2011]

Inspired by bloody_20typewriter_20ribbon
Collaborative musings [theleopard, Dec 15 2011]

And Ouroboros_20Leech
Sort of an ouroboros HB chain [theleopard, Dec 15 2011]

I was thinking about this, what if I had, by prior arrangement, had a full blood transfusion just prior to my signing of the deed. If the bloody signature was writ in *someone else*'s blood, might that count as a possible loophole?
-- zen_tom, Dec 15 2011

Worth a wager?
-- theleopard, Dec 15 2011

Well if this isn't the damndest thing I've ever read.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Dec 15 2011

Next up, the Klein Bottle Leech...
-- RayfordSteele, Dec 15 2011

With a rolling pin, one might be able to fashion a Möbius Leech...
-- theleopard, Dec 20 2011

/what if I had, by prior arrangement, had a full blood transfusion /

what a great concept. It seems a John Constatine-ish trick. A capper would be the fact that in addition to it being someone else's blood, I had actually signed "Eat My Shorts" in flowery letters.
-- bungston, Dec 20 2011

There's probably a market for all sorts of bodily fluid writing/printing devices.
-- FlyingToaster, Dec 20 2011

Writing one's name in the snow, that sort of thing?
-- Alterother, Dec 20 2011

I only get in trouble for that when it isn't my handwriting.
-- AusCan531, Dec 20 2011

Not good for the squeamish. 50/50 I'd pass out...
-- saedi, Dec 22 2011

I laughed; I cried, I bled.
-- reensure, Dec 29 2011

Ink blotter = Ink clotter
-- Ling, Dec 29 2011

I told a barrister friend of mine about this idea. He said contract law sucks.
-- theleopard, Dec 29 2011

Haha, haha, //Barrister friend// haha. How Faust-idious of you.
-- 4whom, Dec 29 2011

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