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For when beanbags aren't enough.

This idea combines two existing ideas. The beanbag shotgun shells that they use as a non lethal weapon and the pepperballs, which are basically paintballs loaded with capsaicin.

This has distinct advantages for both crowd control and siege situations. For crowd control, the authorities are given an ability to knock back individuals in a way that the pepperballs do not. Additionally, the capsaicin has some strong advantages over the beanbags, in that it has the same effect as a pepper spray or pepperball. It would also be capable of carrying a much greater capsaicin payload than the pepperballs, over a much greater range. In a seige situation, where the criminal has taken refuge in a building, the pepperbag also demonstrates it's advantages over both the bean bag and pepperball systems. With the pepperball system, breaking a window requires switching from pepper ball ammunition to window breaking ammunition, which is basically a hard ceramic marble. This marble is potentially lethal, should the officer fail to switch back, or should the officer be surprised. The pepperbag system would have enough force to break a window, while still being a non-lethal round.

Additionally, this system would not require the development of any new firearms. It would be the same size as a 12 or 10 guage shotgun shell, so it could be used in the common shotguns that police officers already carry, as well as the fully automatic "street sweepers" should the situation call for it.
-- DonBirnam, Apr 01 2004

Pepper ball gun in use
Bad boy, bad boys, whatcha gonna do [Nitehawk, Oct 04 2004]

But not a pepperbag. [DonBirnam, Oct 04 2004]

Seems ok. The shells would have to have less powder than conventional shells, and the pepper would have to be stabilized in some way to prevent it from vaporizing upon firing.
-- mailtosalonga, Apr 01 2004

seeing as pepperball guns do exist, i'd say it was baked, but this gun would be so much fun i can't bring myself to say it.
-- whatastrangeperson, Apr 01 2004

Well baked. I just saw show on TV the other day that showed it. I put a link in that shows an officer with one.
-- Nitehawk, Apr 01 2004

That would be the pepperball system I was referring to. I'll link it.
-- DonBirnam, Apr 02 2004

I've seen 12ga shells loaded with rock salt, but never peppercorns..
-- Mr Burns, Apr 02 2004

So it's like a bean bag round, only loaded with pepper powder, instead of lead shot. Bravo! of course, getting the bag to hold the pepper in during flight, and let it out upon impact with sufficient reliability may be tough, and the range would be shorter than either the pepper ball, or the bean bag round.

All things considered though, it's a good idea. especially since it doesn't load a cop down with another gun, you can stick it in your shotgun of choice.
-- ye_river_xiv, Jul 05 2006

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