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Now Dirt has Nowhere to Hide!

My brother got tired of vacuuming his house, so he bought a Roomba^(TM). I am getting tired of the soap, scrub, rinse routine in the daily shower, so I am offering the Micro-Mini-Personal Body Roomba^(TM). To paraphrase the original Roomba^(TM) sales pitch, I would offer:

* Tight, hard-to-reach areas are no match for our newest (and smallest!) cleaning robot.

* Quickly and easily washes your entire skin while you sleep.

* Cleans tight hard-to-reach spaces.

* Neutralizes up to 97% of common household bacteria.

I would also offer as optional:

* Micro-weaponized model to protect your personal space against bed bugs in those less-than-reputable conference hotels.
-- sqeaketh the wheel, Jan 09 2011

[sqeaketh the wheel, Jan 09 2011]

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//* Cleans tight hard-to-reach spaces.//
Ummm, you may need to be a bit more specific in the programming for 'tight spaces', unless you were aiming for secondary, sex-toy usage...
-- neutrinos_shadow, Jan 09 2011

Lift your mind and your Roomba up from the gutter! I was thinking of a device dimension of a few mm, hardly suitable for the purpose you imagined.
-- sqeaketh the wheel, Jan 09 2011

Welcome to the halfbakery [sqeaketh....] Question - what keeps this device attached to your body in a wet shower? More detail please!
-- xenzag, Jan 10 2011

Well and truly baked in nature. There are many species that have saprophytes which perform exactly the function you describe.

People used to have them too, but modern standards of hygene preclude the bacteria which would normally process our dead skin, sweat residue etc.

What do you propose your nanites would do with the collected refuse?

A logical process might be to compost it and use the products to fuel the nanites - although that would produce the same smell that the process of washing aims to eliminate.

Do you see where this argument is heading?
-- Twizz, Jan 10 2011

Would it not be possible to train a ferret to perform this function ? Ferrets are intelligent, affectionate, scrupulously clean, and enjoy being carried round inside clothing.
-- 8th of 7, Jan 10 2011

Hmmm .... pets tend to become like their owners .... hmmm .....
-- 8th of 7, Jan 10 2011

One wonders why he didn't stop buying them after the experience with the first one.
-- RayfordSteele, Jan 10 2011

How do bun for [21_Quest] on this one? Could we have a facility to bun/bone for comments as well as ideas? I have to assume [8th_of_7] must have run into some strange mutant form of Ferret (or had a terrible cold)
-- RattyBunyip, Jan 11 2011

As a newbee, I appreciate the welcoming tone. You have an awesome sense of community here, it seems.

Regarding the alleged invention, I actually had in mind eliminating showers altogether. The nanites, as 21_Quest (he who asks one too many questions?) correctly named them, would do their dirty work at night while I sleep. I suppose they should be designed to assimilate the refuse and convert it into harmless CO2. Oh wait,...
-- sqeaketh the wheel, Jan 15 2011

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