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A 'natural' way to deal with waxy buildup in your ears

Wax buildup is a problem for some people's ears, and although chewing action is supposed to be nature's way of dealing with the problem, there's nothing as satisfying as a good old wriggle with your little finger.

Trouble is, some people have large fingers, and doctors do not recommend putting solid smiley%20with%20birds foreign objects in to clean your ears.

Enter the personal grooming hummingbird. Trained on a diet of nectar and earwax, this helpful fellow will hover by your head and thoroughly clean your ears with its long soft tongue. Soothing and relaxing!
-- Adze, Apr 25 2005

Personal grooming hummingbird [FarmerJohn, Apr 25 2005]

Preening shrimp Preening_20Shrimp
[angel, Apr 25 2005]

+ This is one that FJ needs to illustrate.
-- bristolz, Apr 25 2005

Now what am I going to use to grease my gun with?
-- zeno, Apr 25 2005

What would I do with my ardvark?
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Apr 25 2005

I *knew* the woodpecker was a mistake
-- po, Apr 25 2005

I suppose my Q-tip dispensing box is now also obsolete.
-- Zimmy, Apr 25 2005

LOL thanks for the illos, FarmerJohn (and coincidentally, I really do look something like that)
-- Adze, Apr 25 2005

I gotta ask... chewing gets rid of ear wax? Never heard that before. I like the idea of the birds, and the picture is great!
-- 37PiecesOf Flair, Apr 25 2005

{sigh} where have all these 'bakers gone...?
-- xandram, Jun 05 2008

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