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We all have talents...

Most of us have pets. Dogs, cats, armadillos, vermin, whatever; for some reason us humans like the company of creatures other than ourselves. But to be honest, most of these "companions" are lazy so-and-so's. To get the most out of them I suggest the formation of some new "pet-bands". Similar in formation to boy-bands these will be groups of pets selected and trained by professionals to produce entertaining but inoffensive music for young teens and their grandmothers.

...and who doens't want to see a cat with a cocaine habit?...
-- suctionpad, Jun 16 2004

The kittens show the way http://www.rathergo...m/independent_woman
Eat your heart out Beyonce... [suctionpad, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Pet Idol with Simon Growl.
-- po, Jun 17 2004

I have their eponymous album.
-- angel, Jun 17 2004

Pet Shop Boys?
-- po, Jun 17 2004

Beastie Boys?

Cat Stevens?

Snoop Dogg?

Boomtown Rats?

Justin Trousersnake?
-- etherman, Jun 17 2004 this idea is just an excuse to post the link...

-- suctionpad, Jun 18 2004

Is that Brian Wilson?
-- RayfordSteele, Jun 18 2004

-- The Kat, Jun 19 2004

You had me right up to the last sentence...

Brittany Spanears
-- dentworth, Jun 19 2004

NYC just outlawed dogs barking more then ten minutes (five at night), so I guess your band won't be performing here/
-- DrCurry, Jun 19 2004

Dude, that link is FREAKING ME OUT, man! DAAAH!

<just kidding>One more David Berkowitz comin' right up!</jk>
-- Letsbuildafort, Jun 20 2004

Ah! - Still my favourite website. Check out the sweary kittens!...and the Gay Bar...and the fearsome stomping laibach kittens!
-- gnomethang, Jun 20 2004

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