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The only thing we have to fear is...

A matchmaking service that introduces people based on their self-described levels of various phobias (phobiae?).

The only person we can't help is the phobophobic.
-- phoenix, Apr 02 2003

The Phobia List
[phoenix, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Combine all three... a matchmaking service that introduces people who are afraid of TV celebrity fan club members.
-- waugsqueke, Apr 02 2003

I'm scared - need a hug. anyone?
-- po, Apr 02 2003

What if you are frightened of matchmaking services?
-- krelnik, Apr 02 2003

Fear of matchmaking services ain't in the list, so I can't help you there, Chester.
-- phoenix, Apr 02 2003

It's the oldest, most tragic love story of all - claustrophobe meets agoraphobe... <sniffle>

BTW, you were right the first time - "phobias" (though I had to look it up to be sure).
-- friendlyfire, Apr 02 2003

-- po, Apr 02 2003

I am scared of phobophobic people. Can you help me?
-- Pericles, Apr 02 2003

I scared of circular aguments. Every time I look at this site is a gamble.
-- miasere, Apr 02 2003

[Bliss]: Pericles is a good name. Pericles is nice. Pericles is... indeed, to be feared. but not by you, unless you're phobophobic. Are you?

ARE YOU??? Damn, now I am scared.
-- Pericles, Apr 02 2003

[Pericles] Yes.
[blissmiss] You gotta be kidding.
[reensure] We can help your hedonophobia / contreltophobia / agraphobia / hamartophobia /erotophobia / genophobia once it's properly diagnosed. The rest is up to you.
-- phoenix, Apr 02 2003

Damn, one of my favorite anno's must've evaporated, some ridiculous string of 'filo-faxo-phobo-phile' that went on for a line and a half.
-- RayfordSteele, Apr 02 2003

If you like people who are afraid of pocket organizers, are you a filofaxophobophile?
-- krelnik, Apr 02 2003

And if you're only _pretending_ to like them, are you a pseudofilofaxophobophile?
-- Cedar Park, Apr 02 2003

What about someone who pretends to like people who are scared of very young personal orrganisers: psuedopaedofilofaxophobophile. Or Tony as we like to call him
-- miasere, Apr 02 2003

What's the phobia called when you are deathly afraid of being scared to death by your fear of dying?
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Apr 02 2003

I'm scared of what I'll see in the mirror every morning.

Would this service be an anti-unrequited-phobia drug-store?
-- FarmerJohn, Apr 03 2003

You might have a tough time with xenophobia, lailophobia, and panophobia as well. I suffer from demensmenspraecohalbacanoscandimythosubterraneaphobia myself, but I take comfort in knowing that’s a widely shared condition here.
-- Shz, Apr 03 2003

Call it "Friend or Phobia".
-- whimsickle, Apr 04 2003

po - would a fob-a-phobe be someone afraid of keychains?
-- Freefall, Apr 04 2003

I'm afraid of being scared to death because of fear of dying induced by reading anno's from people who are afraid of being scared to death because of their fear of dying.
-- galukalock, Apr 04 2003

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