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and the ensuing game

After looking at all the wonderful zany piñatas that are available these days, I thought… what awesome hats they would make. The piñhatas would be made like a regular piñatas except for a carved out space for ones head to fit in. They could be filled with most anything, like the usual candy and treats, but I would think stuff like whipped cream, pepperoni, jello, and individual fruit cups would be nice. (even pepperoni jello). While it would be great fun just to wear these, there is also a game to be played. Buyers may opt to just wear them, or engage in the Piñhata Game by signing up. For the game, when one dons the piñhata, they must then be on the lookout for the piñhata-buster paparazzi. These folks are equipped with colorful piñhata busters, so one might see them coming, or not. In the true fashion of paparazzi, they may be lurking anywhere at any time. They might jump out of alleys, from behind trees, or wherever they desire. They may not enter one’s home or workplace, but may lurk around it. So, if you’d like to have some suspenseful fun, try wearing one of these piñhatas and see if you can dodge those paparazzi.
-- xandram, Feb 27 2006

I love it, but I'd change the game some. If you come across another Piñhata wearer and if both of you have a colorful stick, you may challange them to a duel. The winner gets candy, the loser either gets a ruined hat or a broken head. The incentive not to break the other person's head is that you end up with blood-free candy.
-- Worldgineer, Feb 27 2006

[World]Thanks for the game idea. Maybe users can create their own rules, also.
-- xandram, Feb 27 2006

So you wear the hats and get bashed around the head by everyone who's signed up ot play? Sounds mighty painful. Still, bun, because I like the idea of a hat filled with pepperoni [+]
-- Mr Phase, Feb 27 2006

Is this the game Austin Powers was talking about when he referred to someone being beaten over the head with an ugly stick?
-- DrCurry, Feb 27 2006

I hope not. Anyway, one can hit the pinhata sideways, so as not to actually hit someone over the head.
-- xandram, Feb 28 2006

The perfect gift, for your boss!
-- Macdaddyx1, Feb 11 2008

Love the hat idea I just hope that it dosn't cause strangers to chase me with broom handles.
-- WcW, Feb 11 2008

//one can hit the pinhata sideways//

Around here, that's called getting hit upside the head.
-- nomocrow, Feb 11 2008

my pinhata is full of piranhas.
-- jaksplat, Feb 11 2008

Mine is full of piñs.
-- oniony, Feb 12 2008

//strangers to chase me with broom handles// .. WcW, you'd have to be a witch, an ogre, or a class discriminated minority for that to happen.
-- Macdaddyx1, Feb 12 2008

...hmm, I guess you've never had an old, Italian Grandmother...
-- xandram, Feb 12 2008

Can I have one shaped like a hovercraft and full of eels?
-- RayfordSteele, Feb 15 2008

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