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Food eating competitions are widely known to exist, but these tend to concentrate on speed, amount or other difficulty. That's a bit gross so I'm not interested in them.

Pie making competitions are widely known to exist, with top pie-makers vying for status and recognition in the rarefied echelons of culinary discrimination. Crust colour and texture, crumb, flavour of gravy, texture of filling, symmetry, spiciness and overall presentation are all scrutinised by pie-expert judges, and the jubilant winner is metaphorically crowned pie-maker of the year in a glittering awards ceremony attended by heads of state, popes, Emperors and towering historical figures from previous centuries*

*slight exaggeration

Anyway, this leads me to consider that the eating of such world-class pies is somewhat neglected. I propose that, starting as a fringe event, but possibly graduating over the years to outdo its parent, there be a pie-eating competition. Competitors have unlimited budget but limited space and time. i.e. there is a stage perhaps 5 yards square, and a time limit of 10 minutes (to include setup and tear-down time of any props or equipment required for the performance).

The judges sit in a special row, and the rest of the audience as usual at this kind of event.

Contestants are scored on style, efficiency and general grace and presentation. The individual who is judged to have eaten their pie best is the winner, and is awarded a special trophy.
-- pocmloc, Dec 24 2016

This Is Your Dish!
Classic Vincent Price over-acting from the awesomely excellent film "Theatre Of Blood". [DrBob, Dec 24 2016]

So you're giving them ten minutes to set up and clean up their own plate AND to eat a whole pie, and you think this is different from the traditional pie eating contest?
-- Voice, Dec 24 2016

I'm pretty sure this Idea/contest has more to do with eating style than eating magnitude or eating speed.
-- Vernon, Dec 24 2016

That's my point: you can't eat even one whole pie in ten minutes without making an enormous mess.
-- Voice, Dec 24 2016

So what ? The pie's the thing …
-- 8th of 7, Dec 24 2016

Well the time limit is up for negotiation. How about 30 minutes? the thing is, we don't want too long since otherwise we'll have a week of judging for only two contestants like a Test Match and that won't make for lucrative television contracts.
-- pocmloc, Dec 24 2016

Actually, pro-celebrity pie eating to Test Match rules could be surprisingly entertaining.
-- 8th of 7, Dec 24 2016

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