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Yo Gallifrey!

Far off in the constellation of Kasterborous, on the yellow-orange planet of Gallifrey (galactic coordinates 10-0-11-0-0 by 02 from Galactic Zero)a group of enthusiastic technicians work tirelessly using their sonic screwdrivers, pimping up a Type 40 TT capsule in the style of a mid 20th Century, Earth-Style Police-Call-Box...
-- zen_tom, Apr 07 2005

Pimp My Ride
[zen_tom, Apr 07 2005]

(?) Pimp without Tardis http://thefunshop.n...laneous/pimp-01.jpg
[skinflaps, Apr 07 2005]

Doctor Who Pimp http://www.bookpala...WhoDragon'sClaw.jpg
Looked slightly pimpy [hidden truths, Apr 08 2005]

Pimp my time machine. http://www.the-reel...rsInGoldmember.html
Picture half way down page. [DrBob, May 06 2005]

Pimp my UFO http://www.geekcult...oyarchives/676.html
From 'The Joy of Tech'. Sounds like there's a meme on the loose. [st3f, May 06 2005]

Echo? Pun? Not an invention? I don't know. Made me laugh though.
-- wagster, Apr 07 2005

I'm not sure either, quite possibly one for expiry....
-- zen_tom, Apr 07 2005

Does the word 'pimp' have a different meaning now? I only recognize it as "streetwalker's manager / minder".
-- angel, Apr 07 2005

The architypal (blaxploitation) pimp is outrageously and gaudily dressed - hence to spruce, tart or otherwise modify something in order to enhance its appearance is referred to as an act of Pimping. I Pimp, You Pimp, he/she it Pimps. In addition, once someone has performed an act of Pimping on an object (more often than not a vehicle of some kind) it can be referred to as having been Pimped, or occasionally; Pimped Up, or Totally Pimped Out.

See link for further details.
-- zen_tom, Apr 07 2005

All is made clear. Yet another reason to be grateful for lack of access to MTV.
-- angel, Apr 07 2005

[the_both_of_yous]: well put.
-- yabba do yabba dabba, Apr 07 2005

With all due respect could people please stop pimping things. Many things are perfectly fine unpimped. Upon happening on this idea I almost posted "Pimp my pimp" in which a "streetwalker's manager" is given shiny lights and a fancy paint job, and is used to carry people, much like a horse.
-- hidden truths, Apr 07 2005

Why can't the doctor go back in time and stop the time lords from being exterminated!
-- SpocksEyebrow, May 05 2005

It depends on the time-travelling science fiction conventions he's living in. If it's
a) The <<<Back-To-The-Future model, then he's got a chance, but only for a short period of time before things start to 'fade' away.
b) The 'Sliders' multi-worlds model, then anything goes, and it really doesn't matter anyways.
c) The self-sorting model, where things that have happened must have happenend already, in exactly the same way they happened in the first place - or something. Like that story where the time-travellers go back in time and watch Jesus being crucified, only to realise that the croud shouting for Barrabas was made up exclusively of time-travelling tourists, who were trying really hard to blend in.
-- zen_tom, May 05 2005

+ for secrets...
-- po, May 05 2005

[m-f-d]: pimp-my magic.
-- Basepair, May 05 2005

[basepair] thinks everything is magic. The category is culture: television: series, not product: time travel and teleportation device. This is the only halfway decent "pimp my ____" idea I've seen so far.
-- jaksplat, May 06 2005

I love [hidden truths]'s anno. "With all due respect, could people please stop pimping things." I've got to find an opportunity to use that one. Ideas?
-- david_scothern, May 06 2005

Fun but already done. Was Austin Powers' time machine not pimped-up from a VW Beetle to some hideous, bouncy-suspensioned pimpmobile for 'Goldmember'?
-- DrBob, May 06 2005

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