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Pimp My Tractor   (+14, -6)  [vote for, against]
Because farmers need bling too.

If you drive an old jalopy that makes you blush with shame and can't afford a decent set of wheels, you could always write off to MTV and maybe, just maybe, you might find that Xzibit and the 'Pimp My Ride' crew come and give you a visit. Quicker than you can say "twenty-two inch five spoke alloys and a three-layer gold flake paint job" your old rustbucket will look like a drug dealer's yearly takings.

But what if you drive an old piece of farm machinery? Well, now there's a show for you too. 'Pimp My Tractor' will be selecting deserving viewers from the farming community and rebuilding their machines in the blingest new street styles. No longer look like the poor cousin at agri-fairs! Be the flyest plough driver in your state! It's Yee-Har with Boo-Yaa! It's 'Pimp My Tractor'!

See link for a concept sketch.
-- wagster, Mar 13 2005

Concept sketch http://www.purple-p...ry/blingtractor.jpg
The Ford/New Holland TS90, street version. [wagster, Mar 13 2005]

Hip Hop Trailer Hip_20Hop_20Trailer
[theircompetitor, Mar 13 2005]

sub-culture already exists http://www.decaturd...y/040729/pull.shtml
There's nothing like a good pull... [ConsulFlaminicus, Mar 14 2005]

Pimp My Scooter Pimp_20My_20Scooter
Shameless self-promotion [zen_tom, Mar 14 2005]

Excellent idea! Spinning chrome rims, an insane sound system with subwoofers to scare the livestock away, and that thing that casts a purple glow underneath the vehicle. Awesome. Now I wish I lived on a farm.
-- Machiavelli, Mar 13 2005

Try now [Mach].
-- wagster, Mar 13 2005

Yeah, it works now. The lady looks very happy with her pimped out tractor. I love all the gold around her neck. Oh jeeze!
-- Machiavelli, Mar 13 2005

Tractor bling!
-- skinflaps, Mar 13 2005

-- DrCurry, Mar 13 2005

So...would they feature this on CMT?
-- nick_n_uit, Mar 14 2005

So are tractors not allowed on the existing "pimp my ride"?
-- MikeOliver, Mar 14 2005

This could've been in conjuction with that TV show that was shown here a while back, it was called 'The Farm'. It was completely pointless, but why not?
-- froglet, Mar 14 2005

//So are tractors not allowed on the existing "pimp my ride"?// - I've no idea, but if anyone out there lives near California and has an old tractor, please, PLEEEEASE write to MTV and see if they'll bling up your machine.
-- wagster, Mar 14 2005

For some reason, I'm really tickled by the phrase "Pimp Moi Traaaaator". (Realises non-UK bakers are looking at me strangely, nope, everyone's looking at me strangely)
-- david_scothern, Mar 15 2005

Lamborghini make tractors, this would suit them.
-- etherman, Mar 15 2005

Pimp my tractor hoe.
-- FarmerJohn, Mar 15 2005

+ can they do pimp my pedals too?
-- Zimmy, Mar 17 2005

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