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Pimp my Piano   (+17, -3)  [vote for, against]
Customisation for pianists in the hood.

Piano's have been lettting themselves down design wise, they just arent keeping up with the times. Pop ur baby grand inot 'Pimp my Piano' and we'll give it a two tone gloss with pin stripes, an air vent on the top, 50 inch pop up flatscreen to replace your sheet music and 18 inch alloys instead of those squeaky little wheels. Opional extra, a big ass V8 for music on the move.
-- etherman, Feb 17 2006

Pimped-up pianos http://images.googl...spell=1&sa=N&tab=wi
[hippo, Feb 17 2006]

The "Pimp my (Insert Random Word)" Craze http://www.halfbake...hexpression=pimp+my
[DesertFox, Feb 21 2006]

-- calum, Feb 17 2006

Yeah, a big candelabrum with KC spots.
-- coprocephalous, Feb 17 2006

A couple of fluted exhausts for the low notes.
-- skinflaps, Feb 17 2006

Pierced alloy pedals.
-- coprocephalous, Feb 17 2006

Blue LED's on each key, and a UV lamp shining underneath
-- Dub, Feb 17 2006

Because lowered (chromed) strings,
optic DVD player, telescopic harps and e-
lectronic immobiliser all add up to a
laudable upgrade package for the aspiring
or otherwise upwardly mobile
concert pianist with money to burn. One who's
keen to make an impression on his
stunned audience.

Good to see you back [etherman]!
-- zen_tom, Feb 17 2006

I used to know a piano pimp.
-- DrCurry, Feb 17 2006

Are we pimping things again?

Nice to see you around [etherman]. Nice idea, but the presence of pimpings precludes me from pampering with pastries. Neutral vote.
-- hidden truths, Feb 17 2006

I used to pump my bicycle (tires)...
-- roleohibachi, Feb 17 2006

What [hidden] said - the last time we pimped stuff we ended up with "Pimp my pimp my pimp" or some such sillyness. Good to see you [em], I had you down as MIA.
-- wagster, Feb 17 2006

we're almost there with the computerized/player piano.
-- dentworth, Feb 18 2006

[etherman], you sure do have a lot of personal clout here on the halfbakery, to get away with such a lame echo on a tired theme....
-- sophocles, Feb 18 2006

It wasn't so long ago that this would have been "pump my piano" - my grandparents had a player piano that used air pressure to read the piano rolls, and a "vorsetzer" to play the keys. Stylin!
-- csea, Feb 18 2006

Pimple My Piano - you can burst them during the interval (sister idea of the Acne Organ)
-- xenzag, Feb 18 2006

Or for air-powered keyboardists - Pimp my Organ.
-- Minimal, Feb 20 2006

I take it the slippery slope never slid us as far as "Pimp my wimple"?
-- calum, Feb 20 2006

The man who brought us the Braille Beard is back!
-- spiritualized, Feb 21 2006

[calum] No, but it got as far as "Pimp my Pimple"
-- DesertFox, Feb 21 2006

John Cage pimped the piano pretty good... and Annea Lockwood burned pianos & left them outdoors in piano gardens...
-- allterrainbrain, Feb 21 2006

i'd like some neon lights for underneath my bosendorfer. +bun.
-- carpeliam, Feb 24 2006

if you don't need the music sheets, then the screen should have a visualizer thing on it, similar to the thing in Windows Media Player. Like sound bars or porn or whatever it is that helps you play better . . .
-- SocialSuicide, Apr 05 2009

Have we heard from [etherman] recently?
-- AbsintheWithoutLeave, Apr 05 2009

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