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Strollers to match the 'Pimp my Ride', H2, trends

You HBers come up with some great ideas, and mine are pale in comparison, but I submit this after seeing that nobody else has. How about a line of custom strollers that resemble stretch limousines, H2 Hummers, blinged out Mercedes Benz SL600, Aston Martin, etc.

I think that

1) there's a market for this crap. Evidence: the revolting density of new mothers that embrace the 'nothing's too good for my baby' 'my child is a status symbol' mentality. You know, the moms that change their baby's outfit 3 times a day, dress their little girls like ballerinas, and then elves, and other junk. You know, couples that can't spend their savings account fast enough or charge their credit cards high enough for their kids.

2)why not do this anyway? maybe the father wants his young son to 'drive' a Hummer just like the father does. Or dads that think their son is good enough for a 'little limousine'. We could even have a military line, resembling M1A1 tanks and stuff.

3) I believe that enough details could be molded in plastic and sprayed chrome to match the real item, i.e. vents on the side of the Aston Martin stroller that match the real Aston Martin, rear wheel skirts that resemble those on the original 57 Chevy Bel Air, etc.

4) it would lead the way for a "Pimp my Crib" show on the all-baby network. Manufacturers could build in audio-video entertainment just like on mommy and daddy's new Volvo XC70 sport wagon. Give the kid a 9" lcd screen and surround sound and a PS2 and all the bling. And of course, a Volvo grill ornament.

Of course you realize the prices on these pieces would be astronomical, $400-$700 per. But like most status symbols, the higher the price, the higher the demand. Waddaya think?
-- natewill, Apr 07 2005

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Ha. [jutta, Apr 05 2006]

On the one hand, it's a way to take more money away from the rich.
On the other hand, I'm worried about the ramifications that would inevitably supervene from helping asshole parents raise an asshole child.

Of course, it would be pretty cool to have your baby scoot around in a hearse. With flames.
I'm gonna stay neutral on this one, but I'm sure this would be a big money-maker.
-- AfroAssault, Apr 07 2005

Baked. And, though I don't like to be so negative, dull. Now all we need is 'Pimp my Space Hopper' and we'll have the set.
-- moomintroll, Apr 07 2005

OK already: pimp my laptop, pimp my stapler, pimp my bank checks, pimp my DNA, pimp my pinky finger, pimp my cold medecine, pimp my garden gnome, pimp my mailbox, pimp my tree, pimp my duct-tape, pimp my real-estate broker.

Just don't pimp my kids, and no more "pimp my" ideas getting buns from me on the HB.
-- sophocles, Apr 07 2005

You forgot pimp my pope.
-- Flux, Apr 08 2005

a bit of a rant eh? the babies in our neighborhood drive BMW's. grrrrr
-- dentworth, Apr 08 2005

You forgot Pimp my AM Radio, Pimp my Cubicle, Pimp my Cellphone (baked), Pimp my Milk Carton, Pimp my Pair of Rusty Pliers, Pimp my Drink Coaster, and of course, Pimp my Fourth Dimension.
-- natewill, Apr 08 2005

Ok. Keep going. Let's do all the "pimp my X" as annos here so that they will be prior art to prevent overuse of new "ideas" on the HB.

FYI: I'd say the pope was already pretty pimped out with all the bling bling and that big, colorful hat.
-- sophocles, Apr 08 2005

For the last ten years the pope had something I like to call the popemobile, which looked remarkably what I'd envision a "pimped out" stroller to be.
-- Blumster, Apr 08 2005

Seriously though, there simply aren't enough babys with rich parents in the world to make this profitable.
-- Blumster, Apr 08 2005

Uhh, which world are you on?
-- AfroAssault, Apr 08 2005

Why the hell does 'Pimp my pimple' get a croissant, but my idea, which is quite possible and has a ridiculously large market, get fishboned?? <sour face>
-- natewill, Apr 08 2005

Aw, don't sulk. Nobody can predict what gets bunned and fishboned in this place. That's part of the fun.

Welcome to the HB. There's a T-shirt, apparently.

And anyway (he says, warming to his theme), you should be pleased that your idea is so good that several people have already gone out and made it into a product. This is unlikely to happen with pimple body jewellery, which is why that idea is more truly halfbaked.

...hang on. Why am I making such an effort to cheer you up? Get over it.
-- moomintroll, Apr 09 2005

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