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Know if your package has been mishandled

The biggest downside to bubble wrap and other packing materials is that they do not indicate if your package has been handled roughly.

Pimple wrap is a conventional plastic packing material that is filled with a mixture of air and custard so that when rough handling occurs the Pimples burst leaving custard as evidence of the damage. By varying the ratio of air to custard one can select the compressibility of the wrap thus allowing for varying indications of how roughly the package was jolted. Either whole sheets of one level or mixed sheets using different colors of custard to indicate maximum forces received.

After shipping is great fun for kids(just like bubble wrap but fun to eat to).
-- jhomrighaus, Dec 28 2006

you just wrap the product in a plastic bag(actually quite common) also noone said you had to use it or that it would replace all other forms of packing material.

Besides if the product was mishandled then you probably don't want it anyway and should send it back.
-- jhomrighaus, Dec 29 2006

if you read the idea this would be designed such that handling below a normal threshold would not damage the bubbles, if the forces experienced were beyond the calibrated level then they would break.

Bubble wrap should not pop under normal use, if it does then excessive pressure has been applied and the product could be damaged.
-- jhomrighaus, Dec 29 2006

Perhaps a filler/air bilayer? Minor shocks cause no damage as they only pop air bubbles, major shocks cause filler leakage by popping both types of bubbles?

Dilatants would be bad for this, because hard shocks would make the packing material firmer, and increase the odds of damage. Something permanently pus-like would be better, like cottage cheese.
-- shapu, Dec 29 2006

I can see it now: "Dura-cheese packaging, exclusively available at Staples!".
-- Spacecoyote, Oct 06 2007

On Mythbusters they use gforce sensing fobs that trigger at different levels of g.

You could stick those on to see if tis been mishandled.
-- fancypants, Oct 06 2007

You have totally and completely missed the point.
-- jhomrighaus, Oct 06 2007

mmmMMMM, custard by post, free with every package. [+]
-- vincevincevince, Oct 06 2007

I strongly dislike the use of custard in everything [jhom] does.

I poop all over this idea.

And there already is an entire line of products available to indicate shock to parcels, as well as sophisticated accelerometer data loggers that are employed today. Umm, widely know to exsist.
-- evilpenguin, Oct 06 2007

I have a few ideas with custard in them. If you don't like them fine they are still fun. Have you looked at the rest of my ideas????? very few have anything to do with custard.

Of course there are shock sensors for shipping but none I guarantee are based on custard.


I just counted and year to date I have generated 64 ideas, of those 64, four have something to do with custard. I find it challenging that anyone but a stupid person would classify that as everything I do. How you could draw such a conclusion is beyond me, Unless....
-- jhomrighaus, Oct 06 2007

okay, alright. It's just everytime I see the C word it's [jhom]. . . .

. . . . and no, I'm not a stupid person
-- evilpenguin, Oct 07 2007

[jhom] - to be fair, [penguin] said he "dislikes the use of custard in everything [jhom] does." - which doesn't necessarily imply that all of your ideas contain custard content (thanks for providing us those informative stats though) but could be read to indicate that he dislikes those occasions where you do use it.
-- zen_tom, Oct 07 2007

I'm a little unclear on how you would arrive at that meaning from the statement he made, it seemed a fairly clear and concise statement to me. If he intended to say something different then he made a poor overgeneralized choice of wording.

If that was what he intended to say then wouldn't the following statement be more accurate "I really dislike these custard ideas that [jhom] does" or "I strongly dislike ideas that include custard" Those two statements would seem to imply the meaning you are ascribing to our evil flightless friend.

I would also note that this idea is really quite old having been authored almost 1 year ago(almost 6 months prior to [evils] arrival here). As I recall we were all having a little fun with custard around the particular time.
-- jhomrighaus, Oct 07 2007

Oh my gosh, I just realized [jhom] is completely right, about everything! I concede defeat! No more will I ever express negitive viewpoints whilhst baking in the bakery. Nore shall I ever question the imperial knowledge set forth by [jhom]
-- evilpenguin, Oct 07 2007

yay! I actually won! I'm not sure what it is I won as I wasn't fighting anything only sharing an observation.

Since I apparently know all then I hereby decree [evilpenguin] to be a towel.

(dude relax your being to sensitive to my pointless prattle, nobody else seems to like my custard ideas either so I haven't been posting any, doesn't mean I don't like them though)
-- jhomrighaus, Oct 07 2007

Whatever [naughtyspheniscidae] might have meant, or how best it might have been worded, I suppose what I was getting at, was that I personally would have been a little more careful to be sure of any intended meaning (especially where there any possibility of ambiguity) before I actually came out and actually suggest that someone is stupid.

sp. you're

As for the idea - I don't get it (unless it's a variation of "ha-ha custard" - in which case; Ha-ha custard) If the bubble wrap is completely filled with custard, then on impact, the non-Newtonian nature of the liquid will ensure that any sharp jolt is transmitted directly to the packaged object, thus negating the requirement for bubblewrap (but allowing the reciever to tell that it's been mishandled) and if it's not, then it's just the same as normal bubble-wrap, only more expensive, and full of mouldy custard. Either you want to protect the shipped item, or you want to know if it's been bashed around - I'm not convinced you can have both - In other words, I think this is a distinct case of not being able to have your custard and eat it.
-- zen_tom, Oct 07 2007

Actually it was a calibrated air custard mixture that was tuned to various levels of shock. and it was a little bit of the concept of white oozy bubble wrap(hence the pimple part. and lastly it had custard. As I said this is a very old idea of mine.
-- jhomrighaus, Oct 08 2007

As somebody who has worked for UPS, I can definantly say that mishandling packages is a necessity in that business. I've seen packages fall out of the truck because the back wasn't properly latched, and just put back in and delivered. It would really suck for the delivery guys to be held responsible for mishandled packages. [+]
-- quantum_flux, Oct 10 2007

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