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Pirate PIN   (+15, -12)  [vote for, against]

A protocol for translation of a numerical PIN into a series of pirate phrases. E.g.:

1 - Arr
2 - Me hearties
3 - Avast ye lubbers
4 - Belay there
5 - Pieces of Eight
6 - Cap'n
7 - Shiver me timbers
8 - Davy Jones Locker
9 - Thar she blows
0 - Yo ho ho

Can be used at special ATMs and when saying digits from your PIN when using phone banking services.
-- hippo, Feb 17 2005

Enough with the pirates.
-- DesertFox, Feb 17 2005

So hang on, mine would be, er, "Yo ho ho, Thar she blows. Belay there, Cap'n!
-- david_scothern, Feb 17 2005

Thar she blows, Belay there, Avast ye lubbers, Pieces of Eight?

Or maybe Arr, Me hearties, Shiver me timbers, Cap'n?
-- DesertFox, Feb 17 2005

Wow, this one would get Me hearties buns if we could give more than Arr.
-- Trickytracks, Feb 17 2005

So my PIN would be Yo ho ho Yo ho ho Yo ho ho Yo ho ho? I don't think I can remember that.
-- Worldgineer, Feb 17 2005

Pirates. So funny. [-]
-- contracts, Feb 17 2005

I don't like Pieces of Eight. It doesn't sound piraty enough.
-- phundug, Feb 17 2005

//I don't like Pieces of Eight. It doesn't sound piraty enough//

It's more pirate parroty I guess.
-- hazel, Feb 17 2005

Bring me spyglass mate! I think I see Cap'n Hippo's ship adrift near the Noidea shoals.
-- wagster, Feb 17 2005

[-] try again. this time, no pirates.
-- sophocles, Feb 18 2005

i dunno, pirate shirts had enough trouble making a come-back...
-- mt eerie, Feb 18 2005

it seems pirates are slipping out of vogue this week
-- benfrost, Feb 18 2005

Since you're just saying your PIN out loud, wouldn't someone who had the key to the code be able to figure out your PIN? Or could they just repeat what you said? Or does it only work to the sound of your voice?
-- Xcubeds, Jun 22 2005

lol, Monkey Island
-- xlemon, Jun 23 2005

[phundug] I don't like pieces of eight either, it's not 5 enough for me.
-- Pac-man, Jan 31 2006

Still worth a + though.
-- Pac-man, Jan 31 2006

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