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Chain of restaurants that serve a specialty pizza dish

Pizza Shoe™ is a chain of restaurants that serves a specialized pizza dish shaped like a shoe. Actually, it's more closely related to calzone or stromboli.

The 'shoe' crust is made using pizza dough extruded into a shoe shape using a special machine, which wraps the dough around special two-part insert (which can be removed easily) that hold the inner shape. The dough is then set in a wire mold and baked. The mold keeps the outer shoe shape, and causes a simple shoe-like design to be baked onto the surface of the crust. The bottom of the mold imprints a tread design.

When baked, the wire mold and the two inserts are removed and the 'shoe' crust is filled with the desired cheese/sauce and other ingredients. Typical pizza style ingredients would be used, with many optional toppings/fillings. It is then heated again to melt the cheese and filling, and then served to the table.

Pizza shoes are ordered by shoe size. Single servings and those with small appetites can order the Size 3. Large gatherings and families can all enjoy The Boot™, a big size 14 triple-wide filled with the works. It even has a decorative vermicelli 'lace' woven in for effect.

After the meal, be sure to indulge in some of the Slipper™ variety of puff pastry desserts.

Take-out specials include the Pair of Size-6's, delivered in a shoe box.

Some of the restaurants are built to look like a stylized shoe or boot. The Pizza Shoe™ logo looks like a cartoonish footprint.
-- waugsqueke, May 27 2003

Nothing to do with this.
Though I quite like it. Particularly the viking opposum. [waugsqueke, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

These boots were made for eating. +
-- saker, May 27 2003

The Platform, The Fetish, The Tickler...

You can have my croissant just for your specialty pizzas' naming potential.
-- Tiger Lily, May 27 2003

Extra cheese?
-- egbert, May 27 2003

Ugh. This crust is as tough as leather.
-- phoenix, May 27 2003

Sorry to hijack this idea, but can anyone shed some light on this: when did 'specialty' and 'speciality' diverge in the English language? has a Shakespeare quote (from Taming of Shrew if I'm not mistaken) using the former, but I have never heard anything but the latter being used in everyday British English (including books and newspapers). Anyone got an etymology hobby?

about the Pizza Shoe - it's still a pizza, right? just a different shape? I had a great pizza on Isola d'Elba once (many moons...) - for the kids the cook made anything you asked for (except he would pretend not to understand and would make something else silly). We went there three times and I learned the Italian for Elephant just so I could catch out the chef - he did it though. In honour of this, I make my family create shapes in the pancake batter for Shrove Tuesday now. Best we have had was the Mercedes logo which turned into CND.
-- badgers, May 27 2003

// it's still a pizza, right? just a different shape? //

Well, not really. It's not a two dimensional pizza cut into the flat shape of a shoe if that's what you mean.

It's a stromboli/calzone sort of affair, actually shaped like a 3 dimensional shoe. The fillings go in the top.
-- waugsqueke, May 27 2003

// // it's still a pizza, right? just a different shape? // //

//It's a stromboli/calzone sort of affair, actually shaped like a 3 dimensional shoe. The fillings go in the top. //

So it's a partly open Cornish pasty with pizza-topping-style filling? Still sounds yummy to me. But no anchovies today thanks.
-- badgers, May 27 2003

Pizza Hut has this thing called the "P'zone." Sort of a calzone, but more pizza-y-er-ish. Probably quite similar to what you're thinking of.
-- rapid transit, May 27 2003

Calzone, but more pizza-ish - that's stromboli. So yes, that's the starting concept.

Curious about the -'s, without corresponding anno's. Seems pretty even split.
-- waugsqueke, May 27 2003

I didn't vote, but feel my -'s might speak for others.

+ for imagery and fun (love the shoe box part). - for practicality: Will the top of the shoe, not touching any filling, burn? How do the pasta laces get cooked? Will it scale well, or will The Boot™ not really be done in the middle?
-- Worldgineer, May 27 2003

I envision a following of foot fetish types in the spirit of The Rocky Horror Picture Show who celebrate the debut of each new Pizza-Shoe shoe.
-- Tiger Lily, May 28 2003

"What kind of sole do you want, lug, regular or tap?"

Waugs, I cannot imagine the process by which you arrive at ideas. I gotta give it a +, despite [World]'s questions about its workability. You should be able to get a pizza shoe at least halfway baked, and that's good enough for my croissant.

I think the whole thing might end up with parts that are pretty dry, so serving it with a generous side of sauce would be nice.

Incidentally, I have a friend who always refers to parmisian cheese as "foot cheese" because of it's distinctive aroma.
-- dijontoothpaste, May 31 2003

"I would walk 500 miles" for one of these-- as long as I was wearing good shoes.
-- tchaikovsky, Aug 16 2003

Oh sole o mio.
-- wombat, Aug 16 2003

//"I would walk 500 miles"//
..and I would walk 500 more.
-- gnomethang, Aug 16 2003 why didn't I think of this? I was probably too hungry. Now, of course, I am driven beyond reason.

I see big potential for tie-ins (pun intended) with Nike, Doc Marten, Adidias, Converse, New Balance, you get the idea.

In wartime, the resturaunt could send out Army Boots to the troops, to show their support(s)--which, of course, the lads would promptly eat.

What would you order if you were eating alone? The Slipper? How about The Sandal? If you were getting it delivered in, would it come in a shoebox? How about a flaky croissant crust, for halfbakers?

And if you wanted extra toppings, would you ask for a Sock? Maybe a Stocking?

Speaking of, I'm off to do some stalking myself. Of some food.
-- Eugene, Aug 16 2003

+ for the concept. Genius. P.S, the P'zone is a Pizza Hut version of a panzarotti. In other words, had the P'zone been a HB idea, it would have been mfd'ed.
-- Shadow Phoenix, Oct 25 2007

[+] gotta love it!
-- xandram, Jun 08 2011

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