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Nothing is more tempting than freedom.

A banana plantation, run by rich land owners and governed by a corrupt Caribbean/South American dictator, sits on the south-east corner of a lush, tropical island.

For a chance to win $1,000,000, contestants are flown to the island and forced into labor, picking bananas from dawn 'til dusk, under the watchful eye of plantation security guards.

Object of the game: escape from the plantation and remain un-caught by the guards for 3 weeks.

There would be an equal number of contestants and guards.

Immunity challenge: raids on the plantation house are orchestrated for contestants to win food, jewelry, clothes, etc. (all product placed). Raid winners get to eat at the Big Table with the plantation owner.
-- danrue, Mar 02 2001

When I first looked at that title I was reminded of that scene in The Beach when Dicaprio and friends run from the heavily armed Asian pot farmers.
-- mrkillboy, Mar 02 2001

"Dude, this show sucks. It's just some guy staring at a computer screen for 30 minutes!"
-- egnor, Mar 02 2001

<grin> Egnor, it'd be more like 10 hours...I only read the .5Bakery at work, and I work 10 hour days...
-- StarChaser, Mar 03 2001

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