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Eee, Gromit, we've got no trees

I pull into the petrol station in my hefty Hummer, insert the fuel nozzle and in goes all that lovely fossil fuel. There's no guilt for me as I move on and insert the water nozzle and then start to load a belt of saplings into my Plantomatic.

As I gaze across the forecourt I notice an attractive young lady sliding a magazine of seedlings into her hatchback and a geeky young man awkwardly sticking a clip of seeds in his scooter.

I set off down the road and it's not long before a gentle beep tells me that the onboard forestry-commission-regulated GPS has found a suitable spot. Seconds later a sapling traces a graceful arc to the embankment and the self-shattering pointed wooden tip, burrows into the ground.

A little further down the road, a large dollop of water spurts skywards showering a rainbow tinted rain over one of the young pines I planted when I last travelled along this road a few months ago. Yes, it's coming along nicely.

BTW, can we have an 'environment' or 'conservation' category please?
-- marklar, Jun 04 2007

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I'm not sure how this really works, but I'll give a bun for planting trees. +
-- xandram, Jun 04 2007

Except that you are planting trees right by the road where they are going to have to be cut back down in a couple years. (-)
-- Galbinus_Caeli, Jun 04 2007

Especially when they block the view of billboards.
-- ldischler, Jun 04 2007

I suppose the CO2 emitted from your tailpipe is intended to spur the growth of the plantings?
-- nuclear hobo, Jun 04 2007

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-- csea, Jun 04 2007

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