Fashion: Underwear
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Underwear with a natural frequency that matches you musical tastes

When something is vibrated at its natural frequency it itself vibrates vigorously.

By adding a small object in underwear with the natural frequency of the music that plays in your favorite clubs you would be able to highten your clubbing experience to climax.
-- miasere, Feb 24 2006

hey, its relief for angina
[po, Feb 24 2006]

That's hysterical, the relationship between pants and vigerous vibrations is amusing, hence a high frequency bun.
-- skinflaps, Feb 24 2006

Err, what happens at that point when you lose control - are they very absorbent? ;-))
-- Texbinder, Feb 24 2006

In a Beach Boy stylee ## "Got to keep those good vibrations a' happenin...'" ##
-- coprocephalous, Feb 24 2006

Aw, c'mon, just stuff a vibrator down there. This is not worthy.
-- DrCurry, Feb 24 2006

Its battery free though. Plus they can be made more subtly than vibrating underwear and so can be given as a gift descretely.

Or you could make the item that vibrates part of the seams so they disintergrate when you listen to 50cent
-- miasere, Feb 24 2006

Won't be too long before we see an idea posted for kinetic tickling panties.
-- shapu, Feb 24 2006

sp: vigorous.
-- bristolz, Feb 24 2006

This is why I don't go to clubs.

A small object will have a very high natural frequency.

Fishbone for spelling, smut and bad science.
-- baconbrain, Feb 27 2006

Contact with the said object of pleasure (vuvla) would significantly dampen the resonance, thereby rendering your product quite useless. I think.

But, I also think it's not fair to fishbone automatically for smut as it does have staying power in most societies.
-- daseva, Feb 27 2006

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