Plosion Spheres   (+11)  [vote for, against]
Place on bread and grill

While the boffins down at the nano' labs are playing with potentially paradigm-shifting technologies to alter food products, a new product hits the shelves.

The sphere the size roughly that of a Kinder egg is placed upon the un-toasted side of the bread and placed under the grill.

After a short while the sphere melts and separates, then spreads its flavoured contents to cover the mass of the bread to bubble and cook forming a tasty melt.

Many flavours can be made available ,with top of the range ' Squid 'N' Blue cheese ' outselling all other varieties of Plosion Spheres.
-- skinflaps, Oct 15 2004

Or you could squeeze the jelly from their eyes... http://216.109.117....D11B&icp=1&.intl=us
actually it's quite good on toast. [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 15 2004]

[2 fries] maybe they can provide the ensemble grill ding.
-- skinflaps, Oct 15 2004

Market them as "Devil's Eggs," with a little sassy egg with devil horns on the box.
-- notmarkflynn, Aug 09 2006

I read the title as Poison spheres.

I really think that's quite apt.

Sounds disgusting, imagine the additives to control melting rate, preservatives, etc...
-- Custardguts, Aug 09 2006

I believe this idea could be prototyped using a Babybel, into which has been inserted an assortment of capers, anchovies, and jalapeno peppers.
-- zen_tom, Aug 09 2006

and squid, yummy.
-- skinflaps, Aug 09 2006

Liked the name --- also read as poison --- have to say not much of an idea though. Where is the technology?
-- madness, Aug 09 2006

The technology is with the boffins down at the nano' lab.

At the time of posting, I remember reading a article in relation to nanotechnology and food development ie:flavouring enhancers and microwave ovens.

Besides, this is the halfbakery.Someone else can figure the technology.[zen tom]'s Babybel seems inspiring.
-- skinflaps, Aug 09 2006

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