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Never Clean Your Plunger Again.

So you just unclogged your dirty toilet. As if that wasn't enough work, now you have to clean the plunger. Maybe in the sink, or the bath. But wait, you used a trusty plunger bag. Your plunger has stayed squeaky clean and you can just throw the bag away.

Basically a plastic trash bag made to fit over a plunger. Why not use a plastic rash bag? Well, then it wouldn't be an invention. Hopefully it's not often you unplug a toilet, how many plunger bags could you need. So a few could be sold with plungers, tied to them or something so they're always at hand.
-- miggavin, Apr 28 2006

Along the lines of that detachable Toilet Duck product - you use the loofer to clean your toilet, then at the click of a button the head detaches from the handle (which you keep) and the dirty bit is completely flushable. This is a nice idea, but the design could be a little more than- //Basically a plastic trash bag made to fit over a plunger//
-- kuupuuluu, Apr 28 2006

Wouldn't the bag - likely to scrunch up - interfere with the seal of the plunger against the porcellain?

(-) for creating trash without need.
-- jutta, Apr 29 2006

Plunger condoms?
-- normzone, Apr 29 2006

No doubt in the end there will be "a soaking wet bag covered in poo". It's just that I'd prefer that to a soaking wet plunger covered in poo. This is how I got this idea, one night, late, I didn't have a plunger. I covered my arm with a trash bag, and pumped the toilet with my hand like a plunger. Yeah that's right. So I think the bag won't break the seal, or burst, though I haven't tested it. And RC, it seems that anyone would lift the plunger, with the bag on it, a few inches above the water line before they flushed.
-- miggavin, Apr 29 2006

Just make a hydrophobic plunger so it keeps itself clean? One was sold to promote NeverWet hydrophobic spray, but NeverWet isn't very durable against rubbing and flexing, so I'd recommend using an intrinsically hydrophobic rubber material instead.
-- notexactly, Mar 25 2015

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