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Product: Game
Pochess   (+3)  [vote for, against]
The element of Poker to the game of Chess

This is a game of Chess whereby each piece capture is determined by playing a weighted game of Texas Hold Em Poker. In this game, each piece has a given amount of chips to gamble:

Pawns - 3 Chips, Knights - 5 Chips, Bishops - 7 Chips, Rooks - 10 Chips, Queen - 15 Chips, Kings - 20 Chips.

In a piece capture, the defender always posts the big blinds (2 Chips) first, while the attacker posts the small blinds (1 Chip) first. Hands are played until one side loses all the chips. If the attacker wins, then the defender's piece is removed from the board and replaced by the attacker's piece. If the defender wins, however, then the attacker's piece is removed from the board while the defender's piece remains in its original position. In this game the King can only attack, and it still needs to avoid checkmate as in normal chess, however if the King attacks and loses the poker game then the game is over as well and the defender's side wins.

Stalemates are resolved by playing a poker game where both sides get 20 chips and the big blinds are 5 chips while the small blinds are 3 chips, and the side with the first small blinds is the one whom initially puts the game into stalemate.
-- quantum_flux, Jun 24 2010

I see you resisted the urge to call it "Choker"...

Another idea for the "weighting" would be to allow stronger pieces to receive more "hole cards" (in addition to the five "community cards"). Strong pieces would therefore be able to use more total cards from which they would pick the best 5-card hand.

In this version, each *player* (not piece) would begin with a specified number of chips, like 100, and the game ends when someone goes bankrupt *or* gets checkmated.
-- phundug, Jun 24 2010

not me? good, goodnight.
-- po, Jun 24 2010

//the game ends when someone goes bankrupt//

Of course there are variants to the game. However, I'm not sure how this could even happen, phundug.
-- quantum_flux, Jun 24 2010

random, halfbakery