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Scrubs ads from podcasts without downloading

I listen to a lot of podcasts and the marketing arm of these broadcasters will run the identical 4.5 minute break of 7 ads again and again, word for word and in the same order. I don’t ask for perfect results, which is why there are no current radio ad blockers. I think it has something to do with maintaining a humongous database and referring to it like Shazam when it finds a song. There may be licensing issues or some legal stuff. (See AdBlock Radio, 2015-2019 on Google Play.)

Also, most attempts to do this required you to schedule your downloads so the app could work on the audio files and they had no live feature. The app was available for Android only, I believe.

The PodCleaner works on each podcast live as you listen, so there are no copyright or licensing issues. It’s working live but may refer to its own resident database, having learned your listening habits. At first run you may not get any editing but as the podcast plays the PodCleanerLive learns to recognize ads and squelch them on a 3-second delay. You can choose silence or one of your own tracks to fill the time until the podcast resumes. The resumption is delayed just long enough to make a smooth transition from your music to the program. The PodCleaner Live learns to recognize the voices in ads and can squelch an ad it’s never heard before, solely on the announcer’s voice. It learns jingles, background music and segues so it can predict what’s about to happen.

I don’t know why someone has not come out with something like this, what with AI voice technology zooming along so quickly.
-- minoradjustments, Feb 25 2024

Best attempt, now defunct
Failed? Muscled? Taken Over? Other conspiracy theory… [minoradjustments, Feb 25 2024]

Coming soon? Or never?
Always wary of non-released, sign up for beta come-ons [a1, Feb 25 2024]

// why no one has done this? //

It's not for lack if trying. Maybe Purer Podcasts (link) will succeed.
-- a1, Feb 25 2024

Looks interesting. I’m hoping they do something like my idea and do not refer to a database that could infringe on copyrights. I’m not allowed to sign up for ß versions.
-- minoradjustments, Feb 25 2024

// I’m not allowed to sign up for ß versions //

I just signed up and had no problem. What kind of error did you get when you tried?
-- a1, Feb 25 2024

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