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Use garment labels sewn into poems to patch holes in your clothes.

Pull garment labels from the necks of your clothes.

Cobble them together into phrases, sentences, and stanzas that express how you feel about your clothes, or about life.

Use the patchwork poems to repair holes in your jeans.

To harvest the labels from your old clothes, use a seam ripper and a manicure scissors. Select labels with interesting words on them, in high contrast embroidery. Throw a bunch of labels on the floor, and that's found poetry. Choose labels with some margin so the labels can overlap a bit.
-- robinism, Mar 05 2005

I like. +
-- blissmiss, Mar 05 2005

Warm hand wash only
One hundred percent cotton
Do not tumble dry
-- Detly, Mar 05 2005

//how you feel about your clothes// One hundred percent warm.

//or about life// Do not tumble.

-- Pericles, Mar 05 2005

I've tried wearing a fridge door complete with fridge magnet poetry.

However this is so much easier.[+]
-- skinflaps, Mar 05 2005

How 'bout a haiku ransom note? (+)

CoMe alOnE tO paRk.
PLaCe BreiFCase bY bUdDinG MaPlE.
SmAll UNmArked BilLS PleAsE.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Mar 05 2005

Garment labels have a pretty limited repetoire. "Made in Bangladesh" "Warm iron" "100% cotton". Perhaps it is my selection of clothes - all cut from the same cloth, so to speak. Perhaps there are other clothes labels with more potential? [Robinism], I withhold my vote until you post an example of poetry which you compose using words from your clothes labels.
-- bungston, Mar 05 2005

[bungston], You are talking about the "Care Labels." I'm talking about the label with the manufacturer's name on it. Lots of small manufacturers choose distinctive names, to convey an image to the customer. You need to shop in boutiques more!

For a while I collected labels from clothes, but I could never admit to sewing them together into poetry, because then this idea would be baked.
-- robinism, Mar 05 2005

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