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Bounce and float about abit

The frame of this contraption is not too dissimilar from that of a large four meter high metallic street post, with a hinged tripod base for support and a large colourful folded parasol affixed high at the head of the pole.

Two footrests sit a quarter way of the length of the pole and two hand grips further up.

Within the frame, there is contained a large compressed air or gas cylinder, pump and valves which are regulated via the left handgrip with throttle attachment.

The right handgrip releases and opens and closes the parasol via a hand lever.

Once stood upon the Pogo Parasol balanced by the tripod, regulate the pressure of air or gas with the throttle and start to bounce and pogo, ever increasing your height.Once the desired height is obtained (several meters hopefully) squeeze the opposite lever which will release and open the large affixed colourful parasol bringing you back to ground level, then repeat and move on with the hinged tripod adjusting to landing level.

Above the grips are two handles attached to the parasol via guide lines enabling the rider the option to disengage the pogo pole and float to the ground Poppins style.

Yes, compressed air pogo sticks exist, however not at this scale and not with a large striking parasol attached.

Prototype two could consist of a combustible gas engine.

Not for very windy days.
-- skinflaps, Nov 04 2004

-- etherman, Nov 04 2004

The closing parasol should give you more height.
-- FarmerJohn, Nov 10 2004

Adjust the parasol to flap and gain even more.
-- skinflaps, Nov 10 2004

On the recent list this reads Pyramid Perching Pogo Parasol.
Also good.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Nov 10 2004

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