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When your chips go on tilt, so do your opponents!

Imaginality Inc. is proud to present its latest product, 'Poker Chirps'.

Each Poker Chirp is a clay poker chip, containing a tilt sensor and a small musical device (similar to those in musical greetings cards). A small on-off button is fitted flush to the underside.

Now, when you want to distract your opponents, simply tilt your chip. Even a slight tilt will set it chirping. And even the most poker-faced opponent will go on tilt after hearing 'Macarena' for the 100th time.

Or perhaps you prefer a subtler approach? In that case, just tilt your chip momentarily every so often. See how long it takes your opponents to figure out where the sound is coming from.

We sell two versions of these chips:

1. 'Lucky Chirps' - these individual come in a range of attractive designs (or request your own!). Players often carry a chip of their own to the table for luck, and our Lucky Chirps will bring you just that!

2. 'Complete Chirp-Set' - a full set of standard-design poker chips, but all musical. Their cacaphonic chorus will bring a smile to your face whenever you scoop a pot. Your home games will be the talk of the town!

In both cases, we offer a wide selection of tunes or comedy effects. Are you cruel enough to use the Agadoo Chirp? Or perhaps our 'Ehhh, what's up, Doc?' Chirp is just what you want?

With the Complete Chirpset, our Bird Sounds Selection comes highly recommended, for its tasteful 'dawn chorus' effect. However, our Maddening Music Selection is also popular, producing multi-melody mash-ups that aren't easily forgotten!

Make your bets better! Make your chips chirp! Order now!
-- imaginality, Apr 19 2006

What will happen if we are throwing chips into the pot? I mean, they are all tilted and such, and then it is just a bland cacophony of latin beats and birds.
-- daseva, Apr 19 2006

A bird and his chips are soon parted.
-- Letsbuildafort, Apr 19 2006

Can't believe I forgot to mention that we've got a special offer on the Bird Sounds Collection at the moment: they're going cheep.
-- imaginality, Apr 19 2006

So if she weighs more than a duck...
-- DesertFox, Apr 19 2006

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