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Police from the Army   (0)  [vote for, against]
Compulsory service of the military in the police force.

Most countries have a shortage of police officers. Countries like the UK and the USA also have a huge number of people going into the armed forces. If the armed forces were trained in the laws of their country, and made to serve 6 months as a poilice officer, they would be able to clean up crime, and also would be able to respect the treatment of other peoples rights when on operations. It also means more people who join the army may leave and join the police force straight away.
-- miasere, Apr 03 2003

Louie Prima http://www.geocitie...are/2077/page1.html
[miasere, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

There a huge army barracks near where I live, and so round town theres loads of homeless who used to be in the army. One guy is called 'the captain' and walks round in a dressing gown.
-- miasere, Apr 03 2003

<does any one besides me know who louie prima is? > You mean The Lip?
-- mrthingy, Apr 03 2003

Completely disagree: police work (keeping the peace) is *very* different from soldier work (making war). All areas where we have seen soldiers trying to do a policeman's work have suffered serious problems due to this key difference, whether it be Palestine, Northern Ireland or the US border with Mexico.

Don't forget, a policeman's job is to protect, even if that means protecting the criminal (from his/her worst instincts). A soldier's duty is to stay alive, at the expense of the enemy.
-- DrCurry, Apr 03 2003

This is one of the reasons for the idea - it makes soldiers more like policemen, as they are becoming more like policemen in other countries. They would be able to do a better job if they had more experience
-- miasere, Apr 03 2003

When you join the military, you have to undergo basic training. You also have to undergo many advanced courses to rank higher, or to transfer to other areas (eg SAS, Marine Corps). It would be appropriate for peace keepers to do a course on peace keeping, and through the police would be, IMHO, the best way to do it.
-- miasere, Apr 03 2003

SANDF (South Africa) has been doing this for years - the frequent raids on Mimosa and Ponte hotels in Johannesburg come to mind.....
-- weevil, Apr 09 2003

Police are a special breed. They must have the ability to engage opponents in physical and armed combat such as military, but they must also help the old lady across the street. This training is far different from the “robot forming (mindless gun)” training the military provides.

They also are required to do countless hours of specialized training. Police work is a combination of training and experience. As is military but the abilities they rely on are complete opposites.

Many police forces won’t even allow military to help train them anymore.
-- SunTzu, Apr 09 2003

Military Police for civilians hey?? NO thank you very much all the same. -
-- squeak, Apr 09 2003

I would *not* want an MP to pull me over and yell at me about a red light that I ran. Not because that's not what cops should do, but because I don't want the guy pulling an M16 on me and threatening to blow me to bits if I don't comply.
-- MrJustin, Apr 23 2003

Our military are police. There traing is so complex and expencive that the citys could not afford to train them. Our police in turn are a cheeper version of our high trained military but w/training more focused on civilian type situations. I wouldnt want someone in the mind set of a solder to be helping deal w/small things like traffic violations and domestic disputes. Thats why we call the national guard when riots or natral desasters occure
-- op1getdopeseed, Oct 05 2003

Training soldiers to be policemen (or trying to use them that way) doesn't make them good policemen, but makes them inferior soldiers. While hybrid missions are at times unavoidable, they often work out badly for those on both sides.
-- supercat, Oct 05 2003

I'm pretty sure most armies train people to commit flagrant human rights violations, this would just leave wannabe recruits confused.
-- whatastrangeperson, Apr 07 2004

You'd be walmarting a group of people who become soldiers for the chance to face a higher-class group of opponents.
-- dpsyplc, Apr 07 2004

Im in the Army as an MP(Military Police) and im also a Sergeant on the Police Force. They are 2 differen't Departments, Military Police doesn't do the samething the Civilian Police do, and their are 132,000 MP's deployed in over 32 countries. I love my civilian police work more then the military. But im also just a Sergeant in the Army and lots to experience yet.
-- Kleppe, Aug 31 2005

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