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Oil and Water don't mix

A small amount of oil based paint in a water based. Stir vigorously. The oil paint will form into droplets. Pour into a shallow pan. Use a roller.
-- sartep, Jun 21 2005

Are you able to roll out paint with one pass?
-- bristolz, Jun 21 2005

I've seen it done, doesn't give you a lot of paint. Perhaps cleaning the rollers with a little water would take the dots away so you would be ready for another pass.
-- sartep, Jun 21 2005

Oh dear I see spots. Reminds me of that damn dog next door.
-- The Kat, Jun 21 2005

It generally requires multiple passes over the same area, usually overlapped and/or done from slightly different angles, to apply the paint with an acceptable thickness and finish quality. The repeated passes would cover the dots.
-- half, Jun 21 2005

Why only one pass? Have layers of dots, nice dimensional effect.
-- daseva, Jun 21 2005

You won't though, you'll just end up with a muddled mess. For polka-dots to really work they need to be relatively well defined.
-- bristolz, Jun 21 2005

What if you were to mix tiny water soluble beads filled with your oil color/s to water based paint just before you paint? If you rolled it out quickly before the capsules broke, I think the oil will repel the water paint in little circles.
Best part is that you wouldn't know what the paint job would look like until after they had all finished popping.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jun 22 2005

//Why only one pass? Have layers of dots, nice dimensional effect.//
Very cool. And before UB reminds you, alot is a lot, not alot.
-- blissmiss, Jun 22 2005

Pa've, we're not talking zolotone, here.
-- bristolz, Jun 22 2005

They'd be as small as you mix them. From what I'm seeing you can paint them with a paint brush with minor skill. As for the one coat thing, why not paint an undercoat first then put the polka dot paint on top.

2 Fries, I was considering that because its similar to what is done with glazes.

This idea is based upon my friend who put me up to this, saying "Ok, you wanna impress me? Why don't you figure out how to do polka dot paint." So there, the paint is polka dot, it's just that painting with it that will take a bit more skill but it is doable, much like the multi-color swirl patterns in the bindings of old books.
-- sartep, Jun 22 2005

This reminds me of my apprenticeship - striped paint. No, they didn't catch me out.

Hammerite has a similar effect?
-- Ling, Jun 22 2005

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