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Poltern Audible Interpretation

6 psychics stood behind the 6 standing only podium reaching desperatly for the number 6 buzzer button.

Summoning game host: "Bang!" the clock starts now...

Summoning game host:"What was that then?

"Bzzzzz,the mirror cracking? "

Summoning game ghost: "Correct-10 points to psychic number 4!"

(and so forth.)
-- skinflaps, Apr 16 2013

I almost get it... I'll try again later. [edit +]
-- FlyingToaster, Apr 16 2013

//6 psychics stood behind the 6 standing only podium reaching desperatly for the number 6 buzzer button.// Nope, not getting it.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 16 2013

Keep looking.

I ..."Crash!" What the hoot was that?
-- skinflaps, Apr 16 2013

Perhaps I can pinpoint the comprehensional difficulties more concisely: //the 6 standing only podium reaching// appears not to actually have a meaning.

If I take it through Google Translate into Russian, back into English, Russian again, then Finnish and back into English once more, I get "6 stands just to get on the podium", but even this stops just a hair's breadth short of intelligibility.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 16 2013

You left out a 6.
-- skinflaps, Apr 16 2013

You're right. The actual quote is // 6 standing only podium reaching//. My mistake.

Incidentally, I spent most of today trying to set up and use a rather elaborate piece of lab equipment for which the software had been written in Japan.

At one point, when it failed a self-calibration test, it reported "Inconceivable error."

This pleased me.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 16 2013

No immediate or verifiable cause with manifestations regarding Allan Kardec then?

(Chair flys mid-air across the studio crashing into one of the many Panavision Super Panatars, whilst the psychics endure the "Guess the poltergeist sound round" whilst blindfolded.

Psychic 2: "Bzzzzz, "Is it a trash can?

Summoning game host:"That's the wrong answer,over to.....and so on.
-- skinflaps, Apr 16 2013

This was totally a fun waste of my time +
-- blissmiss, Apr 16 2013

So, neither the contestants, nor the host, are poltergeists...
-- whlanteigne, Apr 17 2013

(10 hours later,who put this here?)
-- skinflaps, Apr 17 2013

Not sure I can get with this recent increase in incomprehensible idea descriptions.
-- tatterdemalion, Apr 17 2013

So maybe this is a word-play on *host* to *ghost*...?
-- xandram, Apr 17 2013

The number 6 comes to mind.

"Psychics guess the object with this next noise"
-- skinflaps, Apr 17 2013

OK then, maybe // 10 ponts// should be corrected?
-- xandram, Apr 17 2013

So... nothing to do with chickens?
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Apr 17 2013

-- skinflaps, Apr 17 2013

//Poultrygeist// Is that like a zeitgeist, but about chickens rather than zeits?
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 17 2013

It's a angry dead chicken.
-- skinflaps, Apr 17 2013

Noisy angry dead chicken.
-- whlanteigne, Apr 17 2013

Hühnergeist, or poultry-ghost, please.
-- spidermother, Apr 17 2013

This coop... is clea-ar.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Apr 18 2013

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