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Big Pong, with physical paddles and ball

Pong is possibly the most simple game in the world, so simple I have actually made a version on it using discrete ICs, but thats another story.

Many bars (or at least one bar which I enjoy frequenting) have old style table top video games such as insectoid and the like. Why not have one for Pong, but with a more physical twist.

The table is about 3 by 4 foot and consists of the legs which are about 8-10 inches high going up to a black box containing all the electronics and mechanics. On top of this is the playing area. At each end of the table white lit paddles can be moved back and forth by the players. In the middle of the playing area (which, apart from the paddle parts, is covered in glass) is the ball. This is a small frosted cube which is lit from inside using LEDs. It is moved from below using magnets and has an induction loop to recharge the battery.

Gameplay is done using normal pong rules, and when the table isnt being played on an automatic game is undertaken where the ball and paddles move themselves.

Resistance can be added to the paddles to make the game harder.
-- miasere, Jul 12 2007

Pongmechanik http://cyberniklas....chanik/indexen.html
[jutta, Jul 12 2007]

(?) For [BrauBeaton]
Link to video on youtube. [miasere, Jul 13 2007]

How about Pac-Man with real rats in a maze? [+]
-- pertinax, Jul 12 2007

Baked - Sounds rather like table hockey!
-- S-note, Jul 12 2007

no, as the puck in table hockey moves as fast as you can hit it. In this the speed of the block moves at a predetermined rate depending on the game length. I envisage it speeding up the longer the round lasts.
-- miasere, Jul 12 2007

I see, in which case I think a Bun is due.(+)
-- S-note, Jul 12 2007

(+). Can we introduce steam somehow?
-- normzone, Jul 12 2007



Oh my god, [jutta]'s link.
-- wagster, Jul 12 2007

Thanks jutta, although you have proved my idea baked I want one.
-- miasere, Jul 13 2007

That is the most awesomest video ever on YouTube. Very cool. This idea may be baked, but it rocks so hard I'm bunning it.
-- Noexit, Jul 13 2007

Makes you want to go build a telephone relay chess game, doesn't it?
-- RayfordSteele, Jul 13 2007

I have seen it run up close (at the Chaos Computer Congress in Berlin, 2005, give or take a year). I quite like the video, though - it really gives you a detailed explanation of how the thing works, more than you can gleam in a smoke-filled, crowded, dimly lit room.

Check out the builder's other projects at the boundary between electronics and mechanics. They're a lot of fun.
-- jutta, Jul 14 2007

Gobsmacked. That is one brilliant machine.
-- david_scothern, Jul 14 2007

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